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Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023

Every individual wants to get the best for their family to avoid any future health problems. One of the important decisions a person has to make is buying a water purifier.

Though you might find it easy to choose the right purifier for municipal water, there are several factors to consider in it.

First, you have to see that your water purifier gives out the best quality water. Then, how much TDS it is showing, what technology the purifier offers and other features. Also, look out for its storage capacity, maintenance service and other additional safety measures.

For choosing the best water purifier for Municipal Water in India, we have discussed what you should consider before selecting the water purifier and different product reviews in detail. So, make sure to look at it to make the right decision.

Why Should You Use Water Purifiers for Municipal Water?

  • Prevent diseases: The water not passed through a water purifier contains high iron, fluoride, arsenic, and salinity. Thus, they are unfit for drinking. Moreover, municipal water contains several biological contaminants too, which a water purifier can remove.  
  • Maintaining well-being: If you think that the water purifiers will remove the essential minerals from water, you are highly wrong. Many water purifiers come with the goodness of minerals like Zinc, copper and calcium. So, while you avoid water-borne diseases of tap water, you can also build strong immunity.
  • Save cost: When compared to refill jar dispensers, water purifiers save much more cost. So, instead of regularly spending money on a 20ltr water jar, invest in a good water purifier which you can fill in reusable water bottles and carry anywhere you want. So, one can say it also solves the problem of plastic pollution. Plus, there are many water purifiers that you can easily buy at an affordable range. 
  • Time-effective: A water purifier at home is a very time-effective decision. In other words, you don’t have to waste time on boiling water, letting it cool and then drink. Instead, a straightforward one-time solution will enable you to get water anytime you want with the same purity level. 
  • Technology: Nowadays, different water purifiers come with advanced technologies like UV, RO, UF, gravity, and MTDS. You can depend on these technologies to give you water free from germs, unwanted salts, and impurities. Also, give water that is chemical-free for up to 100%. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Water Purifier for Municipal Water

  • Water Quality: Before you get out to buy your perfect water purifier, you must test the quality of municipal water you receive. It is best to get a water purifier if it has a high TDS level, salinity, and hardness. In addition, these purifiers come with a semi-permeable membrane that removes even the tiniest metals, salts, and impurities. 
  • Storage requirement: To understand what should be the exact storage tank size, check your family’s daily water consumption. It is important because if you overuse the purifier, it can experience frequent electricity fluctuations. In contrast, purifiers with high storage capacity work well. The recommended water capacity is mentioned below:
    • 2-4 members: 5-8 Litres
    • 4-6 members: 8-10 Litres
    • >6 Members: 10 Litres
  • Maintenance: The filters installed in a water purifier require regular maintenance to work properly. So make sure you are buying a product whose after-purchase servicing and maintenance are excellent. It can help you get a hassle-free experience at an affordable range. 

Top 5 Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023

1. KENT Grand

Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023 1

The first one among the list of top five water purifiers for municipal water is Kent Grand. It is an elegant wall-mounted purifier that comes with futuristic technology. It includes three purification stages, including RO, UF and UV and an inbuilt TDS controller.

So, while you maintain your level of essential minerals, you are also keeping yourself safe from impurities. Plus, the double purification technology ensures that the water is free from chemicals, viruses, bacteria and salts to make it safe for drinking. 

Now talking about the storage capacity, it can hold 8 litres of water with a purification capacity of 15 litres/hour. Moreover, the purifier is also made from food-grade plastic, which is highly durable and non-toxic.

Also, every operation in this water purifier is performed automatically, including filling of water. In addition, there is an alert system of two LED indicators. It will alert you whenever there is a need for a filter change or when the UV bulb gets inactive.

One more interesting feature about this product is the built-in SMPS system. It works as a voltage stabilizer which prevents any damage to the purifier because of high voltage.

Further, a high-power UV bulb works effectively to inactivate the harmful viruses, bacteria, and protozoa from the water. It also does not get damaged because of impurities like dust and sand present in the water because of its spin-welded RO membrane. 


  • Large water storage capacity
  • Double purification technology
  • Built-in SMPS
  • Push-fit components


  • Large body
  • No pre-filter technology

2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel

Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023 2

Aquaguard is the most trusted brand serving people for several years. So the company has come up with its latest model Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel, offering 7-stages of purification. These seven stages include I-Filter, Mineral guard, Chemical-block, Ro membrane, Taste adjuster, Active copper cartridge and UV e-boiling.

As a result, you can be assured that the water is free from heavy metals, TDS, hardness, bacteria, cysts and pesticides. Plus, the UV e-boiling technology in the purifiers offers the same kind of purification as a 20-minute boiling process. 

In addition, this elegant purifier also makes sure that essential minerals do not get lost from water. The purifier also has an MTDS adjuster, making sure to give the best taste of the purified water.

Also, the 8-liters storage capacity which the purifiers offer is sufficient to meet the water consumption required for a small family. Furthermore, it has a purification capacity of 8 litres/hour, which is much more than other purifiers you get in such a price range.

Additionally, it is also made from food-grade plastic and also offers advanced mineral guard technology. The technology helps retain all the essential minerals in the water, including potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, and Zinc.

Also, you can completely trust the maintenance service of the purifier as the company claims to offer maintenance under every 5 km range. 


  • 7-stage purification
  • One year warranty
  • UV e-boiling technology
  • MTDS
  • Both tabletop or wall-mount option


  • No water level indicator
  • No new design

3. AO Smith Z9 Green

Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023 3

Another top-performing water purifier for municipal water is AO Smith Z9 Green. It is a very affordable purifier loaded with excellent features and a hot water dispense system. The system allows the users to get water at 45 C and 80 C with a single button press.

Plus, the purifier comes with an 8-stage purification process, including Pre-filter, Carbon filter, sediment Filter, Patented RO membrane, along a mineralizer. So, one can say that this purifier is packed with features that other purifiers often miss to provide. 

As we discussed earlier, the inbuilt heater system is very beneficial for people who want to get their instant green tea and other hot drinks. Plus, the model is made of a robust quality and premium look.

The model also contains a night-assistance feature. This means the soft-touch buttons glow at night so you can perform your task without turning the lights on.  

Thus, the model is perfect for water quality that has high TDS and salty components. Another great thing about the product is that it works on SCMT technology that serves as a second layer of disinfecting microbes.

In addition, the advanced recovery technology ensures no water gets wasted. Lastly, the mineralizer technology adds all the essential minerals needed for the body.


  • Pre-filter technology
  • Alert system
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Less maintenance requirement


  • The hot water system only works when the tank is full

4. V-Guard Zenora

Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023 4

V-guard Zenora is intelligently designed and one of the top choices for getting the best water purifier. It is made with precision, offers a robust filter, advanced technology and long-lasting service.

Plus, it comes under an affordable range, making it the favourite purifier among users. The product has a 7-stage advanced purification, which includes a high-quality RO membrane.

In addition, the purifier has a wider surface area which enables the water to flow smoothly and efficiently. It also contains a membrane of Advanced Hollow Fiber UF, which helps remove harmful bacteria from impure water and ensures extra safety.

The technology of the water purifier polishes water and gives it a crystal-clear look. Further, the model also has a large capacity offering a pre-filtering process. As a result, it reduces turbidity and protects the sensitivity of the RO membrane.

The product is also featured with Calcite media which enhances the taste of water by balancing its pH level and minerals present in it. Also, the smart LED lights indicators installed in the machine indicate water level and alert in low pressure. 

It has a large storage capacity of 7 litres. Also, the product has a long-lasting filter which requires less maintenance and ensures smooth service.

Plus, the purifiers also offer Pre and post-treatment options which ensures the immediate safety of your family. Also, the model has a large dirt filter which means better purity performance.


  • Intelligent design
  • Less maintenance requirement
  • Smart LED indicators
  • Large dirt capacity
  • 7-stage purification


  • UV filters not present

5. Aquaguard Vista

Best Water Purifier For Municipal Water In India 2023 5

When it comes to the different products that aquaguard offers, Aquaguard Vista UV+ is one of the top choices. People admire it because of its elegant design, domestic usage feature and captivating USP.

In addition, the UV e-boiling technology makes every drop of water clean, hygienic, and crystal clear, the same that results after 20 minutes of boiling. The product also has a revolutionary mineral guard TM which helps retain minerals and other nutrients.

As a result, you can maintain your immunity level and improve metabolism too. Another unique feature the product offers is a single touch function to fill a 1-litre bottle in just ½ a minute. 

Plus, the water goes through different levels of 5-stage purification to get rid of all major and minor impurities while maintaining the mineral value. Also, the cartilage life extends up to 365 days, making it easily maintainable and long-lasting.

The body also contains small indicators that will guide you about the water level. Moreover, the effortless water purifier has an energy-saving mode that turns off the UV lamp in 10 minutes when not in use. Thus, it can help you save a lot on your monthly bill.  

The purification process ensures that no harmful content, organic or inorganic impurities, viruses, or bacteria is present in the water. Stages of purification include I Filter, Chemi Block, Mineral Guard, UV e-boiling and advanced mineral guard.


  • Smart LED indicators
  • Energy-saving mode
  • UV e-boiling
  • Revolutionary mineral guard


  • No new design


     It is not safe to drink tap water containing dangerous impurities. So, it is best to get a perfect water purifier to keep both you and your family members healthy and safe. For getting the best purifier, you can refer to the above reviews.

As per our recommendation, the AO Smith Z9 will be an amazing purifier since it has multiple purification stages with high-quality filters. Our second recommendation will be to look for the Aquaguard Vista, which has a power-saving mode.


  1. Is RO Water Purifier good for municipal water?

    Yes, RO water purifiers are best for municipal water when the TDS exceeds 500ppm. 

  2. How do I find out if that water purifier is good for municipal water?

    Since municipal water is often high on TDS, hard, and saline, it is very beneficial to get an RO water purifier. 

  3. Which type of water purifier is best for municipal water?

    UV water purifier: If the municipal water contains microorganisms and has low TDS.
    Gravity-based purifier: If the water does not contain dissolved salts or heavy metals and has low TDS. 
    RO water purifier: When the water contains high TDS and requires removing impurities, RO purifiers are the best.

  4. What is the highest TDS level for municipal water?

    The highest drinking municipal water is 500ppm. Therefore, any measurement exceeding 1000 ppm is unsafe.

  5. Is choosing a water purifier for municipal water good for health?

    It is very important to choose the right water purifier to prevent diseases, maintain mineral content in the body, and avoid heavy medical expenses. 

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