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Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to get a new water purifier for your home? 

But are you sure about the purification technology to get for your family? 

Do you have any idea regarding the types of water sources or TDS levels? 

If it’s a yes to the last two questions, then you are at the right place! 

Here, we will describe the top 7 best purifiers in India in 2023 and help you find the best purifier at your convenience. With this best water purifier review, you will get all the clarifications you need for getting the best fit for your home.

Top 7 Best Water Purifier In India 2023

1. AO Smith Z9 Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1


  1. Has two dispenser taps for hot water 
  2. It is equipped with Advance Recovery Technology
  3. Comes with a 10-litres water tank 

AO Smith is one of the best water purifier brands in India. If you want to buy a purifier solely designed for your kitchen, the Z9 model is the ideal choice. It comes with two water dispenser taps which will provide water at two different temperatures.

One dispenser will produce purified water at 45°C, while the other will provide water with a temperature of 80°C. Hence, you don’t have to boil the purified water for cooking or other purposes in the kitchen.

Moreover, Since hot water is dispensed, this is the best RO in India for children, especially those who still drink warm water instead of the normal one. The purifier comes with an 8-stage purification system. First, the pre-filter will help in engaging the longevity of the RO filter membrane.

Then, a sediment filter is available for purifying sediments and silt, followed by a carbon block. The fourth stage has the Advance Recovery Technology block for saving the maximum amount of water. The ART saves water like no other purifier present in India.

Next comes the RO membrane, which filters the chemical impurities like heavy metals, carbonate and sulphate ions, and others. It even removes hardness from the supply of water coming to your home.

A mineralizer technology will help in adding the essential minerals in the RO purified water. It can also balance the pH level of the water, ensuring that your body receives proper alkaline water. The last two filters are SAPC and SCMT, which act as a dual protection layer for the purifier.

SCMT or Silver Charged Membrane Technology will help in removing all the microbial contaminants from the purified water. Hence, you will get 100% purified water with no impurity present in it.

The water purifier has a night assist technology that will help you operate the button in dark conditions. This is the first purifier with such a wonderful technology that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in India.


  • MIN-TECH helps in maintaining the mineral concentration in water 
  • SCMT adds silver ions for better water quality to improve the immune system
  • Can dispense water at two different hot temperatures at your convenience


  • Does not have UV filtration technology for removing microbes

2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 2


  1. Has an 8-liters of water tank 
  2. Smart alert system for filter change 
  3. Double protection for microbial contaminants

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is a trusted Indian water purifier brand that has provided good purifiers for decades now. Recently it has launched the Eureka Marvel, which has gained a lot of momentum lately.

Aesthetically, the water purifier looks quite appealing, especially with a black body and golden art done on the top right corner. You can easily install it on the wall, thereby saving a lot of space in your kitchen. In addition, the dispenser is of a flap tap type which will make it easier for you to fill bottles and other water jugs.

Moreover, as the product comes with 8 litres water tank, you won’t have to worry about suffering from purified water shortage. It is a RO and UV purifier that filters the incoming water and removes almost 99% of impurities.

The RO membrane has an enhanced level of semi-permeability which will block all the harmful chemical ions, including the heavy metal ions. It can remove lead, iron, Mercury, and even cadmium with ease.

In addition, it can also remove the hardness in case your home receives hard water with carbonate and sulphate salts. The UV tank has an e-boiling technology. Even if some microbes are left behind in alive condition after the radiation kills all other microbes, the electronic boiling system ensures that no harmful microorganism is present in the dispensed water.

A copper block is present in the product, making it the best water purifier in India for homes. Active copper ions boost the immune water and also improve neurological health. That’s why the purifier is in so much demand in India.

In addition, mineral guard technology is also present, which will help retain the essential minerals required by your body. An MTDS system is also added to enhance the taste of purified water so that you don’t have to experience the bitterness of copper ions.


  • E-boiling in the UV tank will kill all the microbes 
  • It is equipped with a 7-stage purification system for 99% purity
  • Can remove chlorine and organic chemicals with Chemi Block technology 


  • No TDS adjuster is present in the purifier 

3. HUL Pureit ECO Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 3


  1. Has a 10-litres water tank 
  2. Is capable of removing iron 
  3. Compatible with different water sources

Aesthetically, the HUL Pureit ECO is the best RO water purifier in India that you can get in the market. The body is made from ABS food-category plastic, which will help in ensuring that the water dispenser has no chemical toxicity due to the purifier material.

In addition, the all-black purifier can be mounted on the wall or kept on the kitchen counter as per your kitchen space. Furthermore, at the front, you will have an advanced alert system for different functions.

For example, if the purification is complete, a LED will blink to alert you. Similarly, a filter change and tank fullness sensors are also present to ensure that the water quality is not compromised or no water is wasted, respectively.

The purifier comes with a 7-stage water purification system, where each stage has its function:

  1. The PP melt blow pre sediment filter will remove all the sediment and silt from the incoming water.
  2. A pre-RO carbon block is added to protect the RO membrane, whose main function is to remove harmful chemicals and molecules from the water.
  3. A UV reactor is present, which radiates ultraviolet rays for killing all the microorganisms in the water.

A microfilter membrane is also added to remove the minute debris, which somehow might have crosses the mesh and RO membrane. 

The purifier can handle a flow rate of 24 litres per hour which is enough for domestic use. In addition, the pressure inside the device is maintained between 10 to 30 PSI which will help in better purification.

A diaphragm pump is added at the input side, which increases the inlet water pressure to maintain the flow rate. A TDS adjuster can handle water with 2000 ppm maximum to ensure that 90% of dissolved solids are removed from the water. To ensure that the mineral content is not compromised, a mineralizer is present in the purifier.


  • Will alert you 15 days prior for Germkill kit change for better purification
  • Equipped with a high-quality UV reactor for removing both bacteria and virus
  • Has in-built inverter technology for regulating voltage fluctuation 


  • No copper block is available in the purifier

4. Blue Star Aristo

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 4


  1. Comes with a 7-litres water tank
  2. Made from ABS good grade plastic 
  3. Has a touch power button

Over the years, Blue Star has given us some of the most amazing water purifiers, each having unique feature sets. However, one of its best selling water purifiers in India is the Aristo. It comes in an all-black colour which will enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen without any doubt.

In addition, the purifier can be mounted on a wall so that you can save space in your kitchen. The best part of the purifier is the dispenser tap. Instead of using a polymer flap, Blue Star has included a stainless steel dispenser, which will last for more time than others. 

In this product, you will have a triple purification layer. The RO filter membrane has a size of 10″, which is quite large. Hence, it will block the maximum number of chemical contaminants like heavy metals, iron, sulphates and carbonate ions.

Once the RO purification is done, the water will enter the UV tank. Here, UV radiation will kill all the microbes in the water, including viruses and bacteria. The next purification system is the UF membrane or the ultrafilter membrane. Its main function is to filter smaller chemical ions, which the dead microorganisms RO membrane can’t filter.

The ATB or the Aqua Taste Booster will enhance the water taste, making it a little sweeter for your taste buds. In addition, the ATB will maintain the ph balance of the water, making it more alkaline, which is suitable for the human body.

A copper impregnated activated carbon is added to remove odour from the water along with volatile organic compounds. Due to the presence of copper, it will add anti-microbial elements into the purifier water.

A child lock function will help keep your kids safe from any accident or mishap. In addition, the device is equipped with multiple alert systems like UV fail alert, low water inlet pressure alert, and many more.


  • Has a pre-filter that improves the longevity of the RO layer
  • Is capable of dispensing sweet and odourless water with high mineral content 
  • Can remove hardness from the water 


  • TDS adjustment is not present in the water purifier

5. Faber Galaxy Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 5


  1. Has a 9-litres water storage tank 
  2. MAT to enhance the mineral content 
  3. Extra protection for RO membrane in the form of a Pre-filter

Faber Galaxy is known for its enhanced aesthetics, smart alert system, and turbo flow dispensing technology. The tap present at the front can dispense water at high speed, thanks to the turbo flow technology, filling the bottles in a few minutes.

In addition, the advanced alert system will help you prevent disasters like overflowing tanks, failed UV purification systems, and so on. Since you can either mount the purifier on the wall or place it on the countertop, you can save a lot of space in your kitchen.

Besides, the purifier has a capacity of filtering 13.5 litres of water in one purification cycle. Once the purification is done, the water will be stored in a 9-litres tank made from ABS food-grade plastic, making it the best water purifier of India.

That’s why you won’t have to worry about the chemical intoxication of the water due to the tank. It has 8 stages of purification, out of which the three main technologies involved are RO membrane, UV tank, and UF filter membrane.

The RO technology removes all the chemical impurities and only allows water molecules and essential minerals to pass through, thanks to its semi-permeability feature. In the UV tank, radiations will be generated to kill microorganisms like bacteria, protozoa, etc. Hence, you or your family won’t have to suffer from water-borne diseases.

The UF filter’s presence will help remove the minute particles from the water, thereby ensuring 99% purification. In addition to these three major technologies, the product also comes with a MAT or Mineral Addition Technology.

Its main function is to add the essential mineral ions to the water for maintaining the ionic concentration. In addition, there is a shallow sediment filtering unit or pre-filter which removes the undissolved solids from the incoming water supply.

Also, to ensure that no contamination is present in the dispensed water, the purifier stops the process once a filter malfunctions.


  • Will prevent water wastage with the tank fullness alert system 
  • Helps in removing the salts from hard water 
  • Can handle water supply having 2500 ppm TDS level at the max


6. KENT Supreme Lite

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 6


  1. Has a TDS adjuster 
  2. It is compatible with different water sources 
  3. Comes with an automated purification system

One of the best water purifier brands in India is Kent. It has always introduced purifiers to cater to different needs of people. The Kent Supreme Lite is another addition to their product list, which has earned a top spot in the water purification industry.

As the product is designed in a complex way, it can be installed only as a wall mount. Hence, before buying the purifier, make sure you have enough wall space in your kitchen. It has a high-quality dispenser tap with a fast water flow rate.

Hence, you won’t have to wait for long to fill the bottles or water jugs. The two main purification technologies present in the product are RO and UF. Since the inlet water from the municipality or other sources contains heavy metals and other chemical impurities, the RO membrane will help eliminate these contaminants.

Hence, it won’t compromise your health due to impurities like heavy metals, carbonate and sulphate salts, iron, and others. On the other hand, the UF membrane acts as a microfilter. It removes the smallest impurities, which the RO membrane can’t. That’s why the purified water present in the tank has zero chemical and biological impurities.

Luckily, the purifier is equipped with a TDS level adjuster which can handle 2000 ppm dissolved solids in the input water. You can alter this TDS level of the purifier based on the number of solids dissolved in the water you receive.

A mineralizer technology is also present in the device, which adds essential mineral ions and helps maintain the pH balance. That’s why it is considered one of the best water purifiers in India. You will find a water level indicator at the front face of the purifier. This will indicate the exact water level in the storage tank so that you can start the purification cycle again to fill the tank.


  • Equipped with an automated purification cycle to ensure that the tank remains full with purified water 
  • Has a mineral RO membrane that maintains the ionic balance 
  • pH balancer is also included to remove the acidity from water


  • No UV filtration tank is present for removing biological contamination

7. Mi Smart Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier For Home In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 7


  1. Has five stages of water purification 
  2. Comes with a 7-litres water storage tank
  3. It can be operated remotely over Wi-Fi

Mi is known for its electronic gadgets. For the first time, the brand has introduced a smart water purifier having a tank capacity of 7 litres. As the tank is made from food-grade plastic material, there is no need to worry about intoxication from polymer molecules.

Since it’s a smart water purifier, you can control its operation through the Mi app from your mobile. This has reduced the manual effort one needs to implement for operating a purifier. In addition, you can connect the device with your mobile via Wi-Fi which is why you won’t have to be within any distance range for remote operations.

The purifier is equipped with Penta purification technology. The RO membrane is the prime filter that blocks all the chemical contaminants, allowing only water and other minerals to pass through the pores.

The next purification technology present in the device is the in-tank UV system, where the water will be purified of all biological contaminants within the tank with the help of UV radiation.

Finally, one of the best features of the device is its DIY filter change system. With this, you won’t have to hire any professional if you have to change a filter.

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Through the application, you can track the quality of the purified water and check whether it’s safe for drinking and cooking purposes or not. In addition, the smart app will also allow you to adjust the TDS level of the purifier according to the water supply in your house.

All the filters present in the purifier has a longevity of 12 months, which is quite impressive for such a new water purifier device. An automatic water level detector will sense and send a notification to your mobile once the water level falls below the threshold in the storage tank.

To improve the taste of the purified water, the device is equipped with a PAC or Post Activated Carbon block. It will also remove volatile organic components from the water, making it 100% potable for household use. Thanks to all these features, the product has become the best water purifier for homes in India in 2023.


  • Equipped with TDS adjuster for better removal of dissolved solids 
  • Has an inbuilt inverter for preventing damage due to voltage fluctuation
  • Comes with a booster pump at the inlet to balance the water pressure


  • No pre-filter membrane present that could improve the RO membrane performance

Buyers Guide To Choose Best Water Purifier In India

Things to consider before buying a water purifier in India 

Before you buy the purifier for your home, you need to know certain factors on which the decision will depend a lot. In this below section, we have enlisted some of the major factors you need to consider to buy the best water purifier in India. 

  • Purification technology: The first thing you need to consider is the purification technology of the purifier. Usually, three main types of technologies are available in the market. These are:
    • RO or Reverse Osmosis for eliminating chemical impurities
    • UV or Ultraviolet technology to remove biological contaminants
    • UF or Ultra Filtration membrane for removing smallest impurity debris from the water

      You can either choose a purifier having a single technology or look for those having multiple purification systems. 
  • Tank capacity: Every water purifier comes with a storage tank where the purified water is stored after the process is complicated. Usually, the tank capacity starts from 5-litres and can extend up to 12 to 15 litres. Based on how many family members are there and your daily water consumption, you need to choose the best tank storage capacity to meet your daily needs.

    For example:
    • A 6 to 7 litres tank is perfect for a two-member family.
    • An 8 to 10 litres water purifier can meet the needs of 3 to 4 family members.
    • If you have more than 4 members in your family, you will need a purifier with a tank capacity of more than 10 litres. 
  • Filter warranty: At the time of buying the water purifier, you need to check the lifetime of the filter. Be it the RO membrane block or UV tank, and these filters are not cheap. Hence, if the original filter has less warranty, say about 1 or 2 years, you will have to replace it sooner, putting extra costs on your shoulders. That’s why you need to choose a purifier having longer filter life so that you don’t have to spend too much amount in changing the filters frequently. 
  • Alert systems: The next thing you need to consider for buying the best water purifier in India is the alert sensors present in the product. These sensors are connected to different systems within the purifier. When the preset conditions are not met, the sensors will automatically switch on the alert system so that you can prevent a disaster at the earliest. The most common alert systems you can find in a purifier are:
    • UV fail alert system, which will blink once the UV lamp starts malfunctioning.
    • A filter change alert will notify you that the RO or UF filter is not working properly and needs to be replaced.
    • Tank fullness or emptiness LED will let you know whether the tank has enough purified water or not. 
  • Aesthetics and design: Without a doubt, you need to consider the aesthetics of the water purifier. Every kitchen has a different look and based on it, and you need to get a space-efficient product, has a wonderful design with the proper colour combination. This will help you to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen overall. 
  • Mineral adjuster: Sometimes, the RO membrane blocks the important minerals, thereby depriving the water of those essential molecules. That’s why you need to choose a product that will have a mineral adjuster. A mineral adjuster or mineralizer adds the essential ions in the purified water to maintain its ionic balance. This will ensure that your drinking water is loaded with minerals required by your body for osmoregulation. 
  • Water source compatibility: The next thing that you need to worry about is whether the chosen purifier is compatible with the water source you have in your home. For example, suppose you receive water from the municipality. In that case, you need to buy a purifier that can handle the municipal water and purify it.  
  • TDS level removal: TDS or total dissolved solids is a feature that describes how many solid molecules are present in one millilitre of water. Before you finalize the purifier, check how much TDS level it can handle at the most. Usually, the recommended levels for water purifiers in India are between 1500 ppm to 2500 ppm. Since the TDS level changes according to the water source, buying a purifier with a TDS adjuster is better. This way, you will be able to regulate the TDS level of the purifier so that the device can remove the solids from water perfectly.
  • Extra protective features: While buying a water purifier, there are several features that you need to consider if you want to have the best purifier for your home. Some of these extra features in the water purifiers are:
    • A copper block or impregnated copper in the carbon block will add active copper ions for boosting your immunity.
    • A pre-filter helps in enhancing the lifetime of the RO membrane.
    • An electronic boiling system in the UV tank kills the biological contaminants completely.
    • ATB or aqua taste booster, which improves the water taste.
    • A booster pump at the inlet pipe for increasing the water inflow feature.
    • Dual dispensers for hot and cold water or hot water at different temperatures.
    • A pH balancer will reduce the acidity in water, thereby making it alkaline, which is suitable for our body. 
  • Purification flow rate: Lastly, you have to consider the flow rate of the purifier. This parameter defines at what speed the purification can take place. For example, a 15-litres per hour flow rate means that it can purify 15 litres of water in one cycle. So, based on your requirement, you need to choose the best water purifier with a flow rate to match your daily water consumption. 

Benefits Of Having Water Purifier In Indian Home

To be honest, water purifiers have become very important for Indian homes. Of course, the primary reason for this is the poor quality water supplies, both in metropolitan cities and towns. But, there are several other reasons for which you need a water purifier which we listed below. 

  • A water purifier can easily remove chemical contaminants like heavy metals, iron, and many more with the RO filter. 
  • It can balance the ionic balance of the water with a purifier. 
  • If the purifier has UV technology, it can remove the biological contaminants. It can thus prevent Water-borne diseases. 
  • It can lessen the acidity of the supply of water as most purifiers come with a pH balancer. 
  • Some purifiers have copper blocks that add active copper ions. Copper can boost your immune power and also has anti-microbial properties. 
  • A purifier can remove sediments and silts from water with ease.

Disadvantages of RO water

  • Less mineral content: The RO membrane has minute holes that can only allow water to pass through. Hence, the RO purified water has less mineral content which is not good for our bodies. 
  • Biologically impure water: The main function of the RO membrane is to remove the chemical impurities. But it can’t remove biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses. 
  • Bad water taste: The RO water has less mineral content, so that the water can taste bitter. 
  • Expensive purifiers: To get RO purified water, you need a purifier with having RO membrane. Such purifiers are not cheap, which is why not everyone can afford the devices. 

How To Choose The Best Water Purifier In India? 

  • The first thing to consider when choosing the best water purifier is to decide which brand you want to select. In India, there are several brands like HUL, Eureka, KENT, and so on. First, select the brand before moving further. 
  • Second, you need to look at the purification system. Some products come with an 8-stage purification system, while some have 6-stages of purification. Without a doubt, a higher number purification system is more effective. 
  • You need to choose a proper purification technology. As discussed above, you will have RO, UF, and UV options, present individually or in combination. For example, a purifier can have only UV purification technology, while another product might have all three technologies. 
  • Choose a purifier with enough tank storage capacity that will hold enough water to meet your daily needs. Also, make sure that the storage tank is made from food-grade plastic, preventing the intoxication of the stored water. 
  • The next thing you need to worry about is the price. In reality, the purifier price depends on the purification systems, extra patented features, storage tank size, and many others. 
  • Always consider the size and shape of the water purifier so that after installation, you won’t have to suffer from any kind of space problem in your kitchen. If you have a free wall, having a wall-mounted purifier will be ideal. Similarly, if you have a large countertop, it will be best to keep the purifier there.

Types of water purifier

  • Gravity based water purifier: These are non-electric water purifiers where the water is purified using a normal mesh layer under the action of gravity.
  • When to choose gravity-based water purifiers?
    Gravity based water purifiers are best when buying bottles of purified water from dealers and just want to have 100% purification. 
  • UV water purifier: In these purifiers, there is either a UV lamp or a tank. UV radiation and are produced, which kill the microorganisms and makes the water bacteria and virus free.
  • When to choose UV based water purifiers?
    UV purifiers are needed when getting water supply from ponds and lakes where the biological contamination is more. 
  • RO water purifier: A semi-permeable membrane is present in the RO water purifiers, which blocks off the chemical impurities and allows only clean water to pass through.
    • Components of RO water purifier
      • Pre-filter
      • Sediment filter
      • Pre RO carbon filter
      • RO filter
      • Post carbon filter
      • Mineralizer 
  • When to choose RO based water purifiers?
    Suppose you receive water having a high TDS value or is salty. In that case, a RO purifier is needed to remove the chemical impurities. 
  • RO purifiers remove chemical contaminants and are semi-permeable. 
  • UV technology produces radiation to kill microorganisms. 
  • UF or Ultra Filter membrane can remove minute debris and dead microorganisms from the water. 

Sources Of Water

  1. Groundwater: Groundwater is pumped using a tube well from underneath the earth. This water has lesser chemical contaminants but has a high number of microbes.
  2. Municipal water: In municipal water, both chemical and biological impurities are present. The supply usually comes from the municipal water tanks and reservoirs.
  3. Other sources: Several other water sources are also present, like ponds, lakes, local tap water, etc. 

Water quality

  1. Types of impurities found in water: You can find several types of impurities in the water you are getting from the main supply pipeline. These are:
    • Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, and so on.
    • Microbes like plasmodium, viruses, bacteria, and so on.
    • Chemical compounds like sulphate and carbonate salts of calcium and magnesium cause hardness in the water.
    • Sediments and silt, along with mud and other undissolved solids
  2. Soft water: Soft water doesn’t contain salts of insoluble metals like calcium, magnesium, and others. Hence, on heating the water, you wouldn’t find any white residue lining the utensils.
  3. Hard water: In hard water, you will have insoluble salts like calcium carbonate, magnesium sulphate, and others. These insoluble salts can harm the purifier and also corrode the storage tank.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

  • What is TDS?
    TDS is defined as the total quantity of dissolved solids present in the water. It is expressed in ppm or parts per million.
  • The acceptable TDS level?
    The acceptable value of TDS lies between 300 to 500 ppm.
  • How to calculate the TDS level of water?
    The basic formula for calculating TDS level is:
    TDS= [(W1-W2) X 1000] per mL, where,
    W1: weight of the dish with filtrate after boiling
    W2: weight of the dish with nothing in it
  • How much TDS in water is good for health in India?
    According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, the TDS suitable for health is 300 ppm.
  • What happens if we drink high TDS water?
    High TDS values don’t affect health except the smell is unpleasant, and boiling the water will leave a white residue.
  • What happens if we drink less TDS water?
    Similarly to high TDS, you won’t suffer from any health problem if you drink water with low TDS levels. 


In this article, we have described the top seven water purifiers in the market in 2023. Besides, we have also discussed a buying guide, basics about different water sources, TDS attributes, etc. So all you need to do now is choose the best purifier and make your life safer and healthier.

As per our recommendations, we would say AO Smith Z9 because it has two dispenser options with different temperature values. In addition, we will also recommend the Mi smart water purifier since it has smart features and can be controlled from your phone over Wi-Fi. 


  1. Is RO water best for home use? 

    If your house receives water having a huge quantity of chemical impurities like heavy metals, iron, and others, having a RO purifier will be ideal. This technology can also reduce the hardness of the water, thereby making it soft and potable. 

  2. Which is better, RO water or mineral water? 

    RO water won’t have any chemical contaminants, which is better for your health. But the water won’t have the essential minerals. So, if you want to drink only mineral water, choose the latter option. 

  3. Does RO purifier kill minerals in water?

    Yes, the RO purifiers can eliminate the essential nutrients from the water. This is why several. purifiers have either a mineralizer or a mineral RO membrane that maintains the minerals’ concentration in the water. 

  4. Why should we not boil RO water? 

    Boiling RO water will concentrate the non-volatile organic impurities in the water. Hence, it won’t be potable for drinking, especially if you don’t have any other purification technology in the purifier. 

  5. Is 50 TDS water safe for drinking?

    No, if the supply water has a 50 TDS limit, you cannot drink the water because the minimal accepted level is 300 TDS according to the Bureau of Indian Standards. 

  6. What is the best TDS for drinking water?

    As per the research, water having a TDS level between 300 to 500 is suitable for drinking. 

  7. Is UV water safe to drink?

    Yes, UV water is safe for drinking as it removes all the biological microbes that can cause severe water-borne diseases. However, make sure that the supply of water has the minimum level of chemical contamination. 

  8. Which is better, alkaline or RO water? 

    RO water has not balanced ph, and hence it might be acidic. This is why having a RO purifier a pH balancer is beneficial.
    The pH balancer can easily reduce the acidity and increase the alkalinity of the water.

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