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Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 1

The presences of various brands of water purifiers in the market make it difficult to select. It is quite challenging to get the best water purifier under 6000 in India. While choosing the best water purifiers, you would have to consider various factors. 

No doubt, water purifiers are one of the necessary appliances we need and use at our home. They help us to get safe, pure well as healthy water. As per various studies, roughly 8.19% of the Indian population gets poor quality drinking water. 

Purified Water = Healthy Life

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One of the significant factors is the quality of water. You can measure the quality of water through the TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) or pH value. The TDS is measured in PPM (Parts per Million). The TDS value is among 50-250PPM, and this is considered safe to drink. 

Another factor is the purification technology. Various kinds of purification technology are UV, RO, UF, distillation, activated carbon, and ion exchange. Based on these, you can choose the type of filter and that too based on the TDS level and type of impurities present in the water. 

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Along with the purification, there is the capacity of water storage. Buying a water purifier with a good capacity is excellent. For example, for three to four members, the capacity of seven to eight liters is best.

You should also consider other factors like the installation procedures, source of water, budget, etc. while going with the best water purification system. 

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers Under 6000 In India 2023

Product Image Product Name Key Features Check Price
Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX Wall Mountable UV White 120 L hr Water Purifier #1. Eureka Forbes Aquaflo DX 1. Smart Indicators
2. Inbuilt Voltage Stabilizer
3. Smart Flow
4. 120L/hr
Check Price
Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart 20-Watt UV Water Purifier #2. Eureka Forbes Smart 1. Superior UV Purification
2. Inbuilt Voltage Stabilizer
3. Error Indication
4. Glass Holding Tray
5. High Grade Quartz Glass Purification
6. 120L/hr
Check Price
Konvio Neer Amrit RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier #3. Konvio Neer Amrit 1. 12L Storage Tank
2. Alkaline (Bio+) Filter
3. RO+UV+UF Purification
4. ABS material
Check Price
Ruby Water Purifier #4. Ruby 1. ABS Food Grade Cabinet
2. 12 Stage Purification, RO+UV
3. Water level indicator
4. 12L Water Storage
Check Price
Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier #5. Kent Ultra 1. UV+UF Purification
2. 8L storage capacity
3. Pre Filter not included
4. ABS Food Grade Plastic
Check Price
HUL Pureit Classic G2 UV+ 4 Stage Table Top Wall Mountable White & Blue Tankless Water Purifier #6. HUL Pureit Classic 1. Food grade engineered plastic
2. Advance Alert
3. UV Purification
4. 2L Storage
Check Price
AQUAULTRA RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier #7. AQUAULTRA 1. RO + UV + UF + Alkaline Purification
2. Storage15L
3. Water level Wide Indicator
4. Auto Shut OffF
Check Price
AQUA LIBRA WITH DEVICE Plastic Water Purifier #8. AQUA LIBRA 1. RO+UV+UF+ Alkaline Purification
2. Plastic material
3. Mineral z technology
Check Price
Konvio Neer Mineral Plus RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier #9. Konvio Neer 1. 12L Storage Tank
2. Konvio Neer smart
3. RO+UV Purification
Check Price
Aquafresh Swift 15 LTR Mineral Ro+Uv+Tds Adjuster and Uf Water Purifier #10. Aquafresh Swift 1. RO+UV Purification
2. Push Fit Components For Leak Proof
3. Purification Capacity from 10L/hr to more than 50000 Ltr/Hr
Check Price

1. Aquafresh Swift Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 2

Bring the best solution to your water purification needs is the latest Aquafresh Swift 15 Ltr. Nowadays, there is a high rise in waterborne disease, and with this water purifier, you get clean drinking water, also drinking a lot of water that makes you healthy and disease-free. 

This is one of the best water purifiers under 6000 in India that uses the Reverse Osmosis process and Ultra Violet treatment to provide consumable water. Along with the attractive design and compact size, the water purifier can process water up to 15 liters. Plus, it is a good bargain at Rs 6000 and easily fits in your kitchen space. 

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  •  The water purifier has an attractive design along with a transparent cover showing the water level indicator. 
  • A cartridge is attached to the water purifier, and it helps in easy filtration. The cartridge strains the water from all kinds of impurities and needs to be changed and replaced periodically. 
  • The storage capacity of the water purifier is fifteen liters.
  • It uses the RO treatment process that removes all kinds of contamination from water. 
  • It filters out the impurities and provides clean and pure water as output. 

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Contains all the features of top quality RO water purifier at a great price
Big 15 liter water storage capacity
Free external sediment filter (i.e., pre-filter)


Suitable for water having TDS up to 700 mg/1

2. Ruby Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 3

With the best water purifier from Ruby, you can easily provide your family with consumable water that has a good and pure taste. As the best water purifiers under 6000 in India use six stages of purification – pre-filter, sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, activated carbon filter, post-carbon filter, and ultraviolet stages, etc. This makes sure that your water is clean and healthy. 

The water purifier can dissolve solids and even microorganisms like viruses and bacteria from tap water. Here the maximum and complete purification procedure used by Ruby creates consumable water.

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This water passes through mechanical filtration for removing debris. The carbon absorption method will remove the chlorine, unwanted taste, scentless, and chemical contaminants and event the dissolved solids. 

  • Removes all kinds of dissolved solids and (TDS) from water.
  • The water purifier helps to discard microscopic organisms and infections from the water.
  • Filters 12 liters of water each hour.
  • It has a holding capacity is 12 liters.
  • The water purifier is made from good quality electrical parts.
  • It is the best water purifier under 6000 in India, having 12 stages of refinement.

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Fantastic water purification system and easy to operate.
Best quality of materials and plastic used for making the water purifier.


The filter is subjected to constantly changing needs and needs to be often replaced. 

3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 4

Eureka Forbes Aquasure is one of the smart and best water purifiers under 6000 in India. The electric purifier has the Quartz UV filtration that kills all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses. It ensures that you provide 100% safe and pure drinking water even when the voltage fluctuations change, making your family get pure water all the time. 

This best water purifier is made from the best food grade and non-toxic plastic. The filter cartridge clarity is excellent and has the best carbon block and UV lamp input that removes the deadly germs from the water. Plus, the water filter has an in-built voltage stabilize that makes sure that you get purified water even when it is fluctuating. 

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  • The smart cross-beam UV has a spiral quartz glass tube that is protected with a robust UV dosage. This frees your water from contamination right from the time it passes through the nozzle till it flows down to the glass. 
  • The water purifier has advanced technology, making it deliver up to 2 liters of water in a minute. You can easily fill up bottles that can be carried outdoors, and even stock them at home. 
  • The in-built voltage stabilizer makes sure that the water purifier works flawlessly even during voltage fluctuations or low voltage. 
  • The water purifier comes with a warranty period of twelve months from the original date of purchase. 
  • The error indication feature provides an instant alert when there is any kind of malfunction happening during the purification procedure. 


Attractive and compact design
In-built voltage stabilizer
Provides up to two liters of water in a single minute
Can be wall-mounted or used as a tabletop


No display available for this water purifier

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4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aquaflo DX Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 5

Eureka Forbes is considered as one of the high-quality and best water purifiers under 6000 in India. It is not only a stylish and power water purifier; it is available as per your budget. Its class and look are great for the Indian kitchen. 

Regarding its performance, you can be assured that your family will get safe, clean, and pure water 24/7. With this water purifier, you can say goodbye to dirty water. 

There are three purification stages, along with UV technology used by the Aquasure. In this procedure, it allows water to pass through a high-grade glass. So, bacteria get killed, thereby making the water clean and safe to drink. 

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The powerful sediment filter can easily filter out dissolved sand, salts, and other significant impurities. It even removes the bad odor from the water. 

  •  The water purifier uses UV technology for purification.
  • There are three stages of the purification technique used by this water purifier. 
  • The dual cartridge feature, which is the combination of two filters, removes suspended particles, odor, and organic compounds. The cartridge has a life of 3000 liters. 
  • The water flow rate of this best water purifier is about 2 liters of water every minute. 
  • The energy saver mode feature helps switch off the UV lamp automatically when it is not in use for more than ten minutes.
  • The error indicator feature of the water purifier provides an alert in case of malfunctioning.

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Has a high purification rate
Lower consumption of energy
Keeps essential minerals


Incapable of treating hard water

5. Konvio Neer Amrit Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 6

Are you worried regarding the quality of the water you drink? We are living in a pollution ridden and highly toxic environment. This leads to various health issues, and for that, you need an advanced purification procedure. 

The advance purification system provided by best water purifiers under 6000 in India removes all kinds of dissolved impurities from the water. This makes it safe for consumption. Konvio Neer provides a maintenance-free advanced water purification that has six stages of reverse osmosis water purification. 

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  • Artificial intelligence-based purification.
  • Provides better water quality through the generation of automatic service tickets.
  • The purifier can convert salt water into freshwater by allowing it to pass through the earth’s natural membrane-like wall. 
  • The Philips Ultraviolet lamp discourages the breeding of germs in the tank as the water is stored for a long time. 
  • The water purifier is one of India’s best ones using reverse osmosis filtration to provide clean water. 
  • It works on the water having TDS up to 3000 mg/1.
  • The water filter has free pre-filters and an installation tool kit.


Works on the water, having a high TDS count of up to 3000 mg/1.
Made up of branded parts like LG RO membrane, Philips UV lamp, Bio-Alkaline cartridge.
Free pre-filter and installation tool kit.


Technical charges have to be paid for each visit during the warranty period. 

6. Kent Ultra Storage Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 7

This is the latest fully automatic UV water purifier in India having the best storage tank. It provides double purification, first by the UV, and then followed by the hollow fiber UF membrane.

Frankly, this is one of the best purifiers under 6000 in India that is designed for wall-mounting, and even for municipal or tap water supply and domestic needs.

This best water purifier has double purification using the UV. The UV removes all kinds of dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts present in the delicate pores of the hollow fiber UF membrane.

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The water purifier is suitable for low TDS water as it removes dissolved impurities and is suitable for inlet water having low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

  • The water purifier has double purification technology that uses UV and hollow fiber UF membranes. 
  • The activated carbon pre-filter feature reduces the bad taste and odor present in the water and provides pure water to drink.
  • The storage capacity of this water purifier is seven liters.
  • Regarding the purification capacity, the water purifier provides ultra-high purification capacity, which is 60 liters per hour. 
  • The water purifier’s computer-controlled operations provide alerts as alarms for filter change and when the UV lamp becomes inefficient. 
  • This best water purifier has the best water level indicator in the tank.

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The high storage capacity of seven liters
Activated carbon pre-filter
Filter change alarm alert & water level indicator in the storage tank


No display

7. AQUAULTRA A1024 Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 8

The Aquaultra A1024 is one of the best water purifiers under 6000 in India with a fully transparent water storage tank. You can easily check the quality of the filtered water, and this works with fourteen stages of purification. 

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The water purifier is budget-friendly and made from the best quality products available in the Indian market. It has high quality 100 GPD booster pump and TFC 1812-80 GPD Imported membrane, etc. The water purifier is designed to work from 100 to 2000 TDS. 

  • Its fully automatic operation ensures raw water is free from heavy metals, iron, grease, and oil.
  • The RO membrane of this best water purifier under 6000 in India removes all the water’s hardness and filters out the dangerous impurities present in the water. 
  • The UV filter provides double protection to the purified water and fills viruses and bacteria. 
  • It has a smart design that fits your modern Indian kitchen.

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Uses the best purification method



8. AQUA Libra Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 9

Having a compact and stylish look, the Aqua Libra purifier provides the entire necessary feature to be one of the top-purifiers in the price range of 6000.

The unique design of the water purifier makes it easy in installation and easy to operate. This is one of the most advanced home water purifiers in India.
This best water purifier can purify water having TDS of 500 to 2000.

It can efficiently clean water from tap, purifier, tank, and bore well. Regarding the specifications, the water purifier has automated operations that can easily filter the water when the storage goes down.

Here the water is purified in various stages, making it more unique. Not only is it one of the best purifiers in India under 6000, but it is also even leak proof.

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  • The RO (Reverse Osmosis) feature of the water purifier uses the partially permeable membrane for removing unwanted molecules and massive particles from the drinking water. 
  • The UF (Ultrafiltration) is a special kind of membrane filtration containing hydro-static pressure. Here the suspended solids and solutes of the high molecular weight get retained. While the water and low molecular weight solutes will pass through the membrane. 
  • Regarding the storage capacity, the water purifier has 15 liters.
  • The UV Chock provides multi-stage purification.
  • The water purifier comes with a one-year warranty.


Fully automated function
Manufactured using ABS food-grade plastic


Clarity cartridge is installed outside, thereby taking extra space. 

9. HUL Pureit Classic G2 Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 10

The HUL Pureit Classic G2 UV water purifier is a compact one that has six stages of water purification. Unlike most of the best purifiers under 6000 in India, this is affordable.

This is the best water purifier in India with double filter life, reducing the maintenance cost to less than 50 paise per liter.

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The Pureit Classic has a compact design and requires less wall space. The front panel contains two LED indicators for a full storage tank and SF/GKK change.

The SF/GKK change indicator will start to blink 15 days just before the expiry of the sediment filter or GKK. The auto shut-off feature will stop the water purification if the filter is not changed.

  •  The water filter has six stages RO+UV purification along with the pre-sediment filter.
  • It has a clean and compact design and a mini-filter, UV chamber, and post-RO carbon filters. 
  • The water purifier is suitable for water from tankers and bore well. 
  • The storage capacity of the water purifier is six liters. 
  • There is a mineral cartridge that adds required minerals like magnesium and calcium. 
  • It helps to purify water having high TDS, which is up to 2000 PPM.

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35% water recovery
Good filter life
Six stages RO+UV purification


Water leakage issues

10. Konvio Neer Alkaline Plus Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 6000 In India 2023 11

The Konvio Neer Alkaline Plus is one of the premium and best water purifiers under 6000 in India having the free installation. It has a high TDS filter membrane by LG and the best UV filter from Philips. 

The water purifier’s storage capacity is 15 liters, and the purification speed is 20 liters per hour. So, the water purifier is suitable for large families of four to five members.

Also, the water purifier is assembled from the parts of the best brands in the industry. The filter procedure is the same as that of most of the purifiers in India and contains seven stages of the filtration process. 

  • The water purifier removes all kinds of viruses and bacteria from the water.
  • The purification capacity is 20 liters per hour.
  • The storage capacity of the water purifier is 8 liters.
  • The water purifier has six stages of purification.
  • Unlike other water purifiers in India, this has a vast service and installation network all over Indian states.

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2000 TDS input capacity with the 80-GPD high flow
Seven stages of filtration
20 liters per hour speed of filtration

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Leakage issues with the tank

Final Verdict

While you are purchasing best water purifiers under 6000 in India, you need to look into some of the most significant factors. By taking into account various aspects like price, compatibility, storage tank, effective maintenance, or warranty period, etc., you can ensure that your family gets the best water at affordable prices.

If your budget is lower than 6000, you might check the best water purifier under 5000 in India, for other popular models in the market. Suppose your budget is above 6000, you can see the best water purifier under 8000 in India, for the latest features in the market.

Here it is all about selecting one that fulfills all your requirements.

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