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6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023

6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023 1

Do you know that all purifiers do not require high maintenance costs? 

If not, then it’s time to know more about these purifiers that require low maintenance, and the maintenance costs are also low. Hence, these purifiers aren’t going to create a hole in your wallet. 

In this article, we will talk about the best water purifier with a low maintenance cost that will help you save money and maintain your health at the optimal level. Here, we have hand-picked the best 6 purifiers that have become popular due to their low maintenance requirement and costs.

So, without making any delay, let’s get started with learning what’s special about these water purifiers and why they are considered to be the best for low to almost no maintenance cost. 

Things to consider before buying a low maintenance water purifier 

  • Filter life: It would be best if you choose a purifier that comes with fitters having higher longevity. This will reduce the maintenance to a great extent. Also, you won’t have to call the repairing services too often for changing the filters, which come at quite a high price. 
  • DIY filter change: In some purifiers, the filters have DIY change properties. It means that you can change the filters on your own without having to use professional tools. The only thing you will need to buy is the concerned filter.
  • Extended warranty: Maintenance costs are usually low when your purifier is within the warranty period. But once the warranty is over, you will have to pay a lot, even for the servicing works. So, it would be best if you chose a purifier whose warranty can be extended for another one or two years. 
  • AMC service support: Buying a water purifier with an Annual Maintenance Contract support system will help in reducing the overall maintenance costs by a huge amount. Even though AMC support is not available for all the water purifiers, some models come with this facility. 
  • Power consumption: The power consumption of the water purifiers must be less as compared to other devices. With low power consumption, it will require maintenance less. Hence, you won’t have to spend huge amounts on maintaining the functionality of the purifier device. 
  • Auto-off functionality: Suppose the water purifier comes with an auto-off functionality. In that case, it will instantly shut off the purification system once the tank gets full of water. Hence, there will be no water wastage or damage to the storage tank. 

Top 6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023

1. AO Smith Z8 Water Purifier

6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023 2


  1. Comes with two water dispensers 
  2. Has a 10-litres storage tank 
  3. Double-layered protection with SCMT membrane 
  • Warranty Covers on RO filters

If you want to buy a water purifier solely for kitchen purposes, the AO Smith Z8 will be the best pick. It comes with two water dispenser taps, each having the ability to dispense purified water at different temperatures. For example, one tap will give you the purified water at 45°C, while the other will dispense water with a temperature of 80°C. 

An 8-stage water purification system is available in this product, with a patented Advance Recovery Technology. The ART will help save water without even wasting a drop, which is why you can consider the purifier to be eco-friendly.

The RO membrane has a side stream structure which increases the flow rate followed by the MIN-TECH layer or the mineralizer. It will help add the essential minerals blocked by the RO filter membrane, thereby maintaining the ionic balance.

To increase the effectiveness of the RO membrane, the purifier is equipped with dual protection layers- SCMT and SAPC. Both these membranes will filter the water and eliminate any excess chemical compounds or microbes. Hence the dispensed water will be 100% safe for drinking. The best part about the device is that the RO membrane and the other filters have a warranty period of 1 year.


  • Has glowing LCD panel for viewing the buttons during the nighttime 
  • Mineralizer helps in maintaining the pH balance 
  • Will alert you about filter change from beforehand


  • No UV protection is present for removing microbial contaminants 

2. KENT Supreme

6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023 3


  1. Has a wall-mount feature 
  2. TDS adjuster is present 
  3. Comes with 8-litres of storage tank 
  • No Service Charge

Kent has always been one of the best purifier companies in India, and their Supreme model is a live example for the same. In this purifier, not only will you have multiple purification stages but also an in-tank UV sterilization system for 100% purified water.

This is why the appliance has been branded as one of the best in the market for its unique purification system arrangement. In addition, Kent charges no money for servicing, regardless of whether your product is within or outside the warranty period. 

The 8-litres storage tank that comes with the purifier is made from ABS plastic with food-grade technology. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the chemical intoxication of the purified water due to synthetic polymer molecules.

Furthermore, since the RO membrane usually blocks off the essential minerals in the water, the appliance is equipped with a TDS controller. By adjusting its level, you can easily retain the essential minerals in the purified water. 

In addition to the RO membrane, the device is reinforced with an in-tank UV sterilization technique. As a result, the microbes and other biological infections will get removed from the water. If we consider the additional features, the model comes with a water level sensor that will detect the amount of purified water present in the tank and notify you immediately. 


  • Has the ability to purify water without causing any wastage
  • Has a wall-mount feature for saving space in the kitchens 
  • Made from ABS plastic with food-grade technology to prevent chemical contamination


  • It can be a bit problematic in installation if the kitchen walls don’t have enough space 

3. KENT Grand

6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023 4


  1. Has a flow rate of 15-litres per hour 
  2. Comes with 8-litres of storage tank 
  3. Easy dispensable tap 
  • No Service Charge

Another amazing product from KENT which you should take a look at is the Grand model. Not only it has a high-capacity storage tank of 8-litres, but it also has an amazing flow rate. Moreover, the purification cycle will help in purifying 15 litres of water in one hour. As a result, the storage tank will get filled in no time, ensuring that you won’t face a shortage of purified water. 

In this appliance, you will find the three main purification systems- RO for removing chemical impurities, UV technology for killing microorganisms, cysts, eggs, and the UF technology for minute filtration. Besides, the product is equipped with a TDS controller, which will help you retain the proper amount of minerals in the water, thereby maintaining the ionic balance. It can handle water from different sources having a TDS value raging between 500 ppm and 2500 ppm. 

Since water from most sources is acidic, the purifier is equipped with mineralizer technology to maintain the pH balance. Hence, the dispensed water will have high alkalinity, ranging between 8 to 11, which is acceptable for the human body. 


  • Has a low power consumption to reduce your electric bills 
  • You can adjust the TDS level as per the source water
  • No service charges will be levied for extended 3 years 


  • Wastes about 650 ml of water per litre during the purification cycle 

4. Aquaguard Smart Plus

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Smart Plus(Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost)


  1. Has a mineralizer TDS
  2. Impeccable aesthetics of the purifier 
  3. Has an auto-off mechanism 
  • AMC Support

If you want to have a water purifier with smart features, the Aquaguard Smart Plus is the best pick. If you think that the appliance can be controlled by a remote or your home, you are wrong.

When we said smart features, we meant automated operations of the purifier based on sensors present inside. For example, once the 6-litres of storage tank gets filled with purified water, the system will be shut off automatically, thereby preventing water wastage. 

Now coming to the purification system, the appliance purifies the input water in six different stages:

  1. A pre-filter is present, which enhances the lifetime of the RO filter membrane along with the sediment block, which removes all the undissolved solid particles from the water.
  2. The RO filter will block the chemical impurities and allow only water molecules and minerals to pass through.
  3. In this purifier, you will also have a UV filter to eliminate every kind of biological impurity from water. 

The appliance has AMC support which will reduce the maintenance cost by a huge amount. In addition, the RO filter cartridge has a high life expectancy of 60,000 hours. Once the filter nears its lifetime, you will be alerted immediately, thanks to the in-built alert system.


  • Can enhance the taste of the purified water by making it sweeter 
  • It is equipped with LED indicators for early alerts regarding any malfunction 
  • Can tolerate the voltage fluctuations, thanks to the in-built inverter technology 


  • Post RO carbon block is not present that can remove volatile organic impurities

5. V-Guard Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023 5


  1. Has a sleek and modern design 
  2. Comes with three pre-filters for external installation 
  3. Has 1-year warranty 
  • Warranty Covers on all filters

The V-Guard Zenora water purifier has become so popular due to the company’s warranty coverage for all the filters present in the appliance. So, you won’t have to worry about spending huge amounts on servicing each filter or replacing them individually.

Here, you will have an advanced RO membrane cartridge that will block every kind of chemical impurities. Be it the heavy metal ions of mercury, cadmium, and others or calcium and magnesium salts, the RO membrane will prevent these molecules from passing to the other side. 

That’s why the appliance can handle both municipal and brackish water and remove the hardness. Next is the UF cartridge, which has minute filters through which water can pass easily. But the micro impurities will be stopped, thereby guaranteeing 99% purified water.

Finally, to enhance the taste of the dispensed water, you will get a mineral balancer cartridge. Besides taste enhancement, you will also get mineral water with balanced pH. 

The purifier can handle water from different sources indeed but only up to 2000 ppm TDS level. One of the best features of the appliance is that the warranty and maintenance policies apply to all the filters present in the purifier and not just the RO membrane or the UF membrane. 


  • It is ideal for an average Indian family, thanks to the 7-litres water tank 
  • It is made from ABS food-grade polymer to prevent toxication 
  • Comes with different LED indicators for a better alert system 


  • No UV purification system is present for removing the microbes

6. Mi Smart Water Purifier

6 Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost In India 2023 6


  1. Comes with a DIY filter change facility 
  2. You can control it from remote locations
  3. Has 5-stages of protection 
  • DIY Filter Change

Mi is one of the many brands which has never disappointed its users regarding their products and services. That’s why it has introduced a water purifier with a DIY filter change feature.

It means that for changing the cartridges, you won’t have to call the professional and bear vast expenses. Instead, this feature will help you save money, and you will do the filter change quickly without any time wastage. 

In this purifier, you will have five stages of purification- the RO filter membrane and the in-tank UV system being the two most essential stages. The RO membrane is built in a way where it can not only remove the heavy metals and other chemical impurities but also eliminate hardness from the input water completely.

The in-tank UV system will help in better sterilization as the radiations will kill all the microorganisms easily without any hassle. Since you can control the operations of the water purifier from your mobile, you can check the TDS level of the purified water with real-time analytics.

As a result, you can adjust the TDS of the purifier according to the inlet water entering the appliance. In addition to the TDS level monitoring, an auto water level indicator will glow once the sensors sense that the water volume in the storage tank is below the threshold limit. 


  • It can last long as the filter life is up to one year 
  • Can be accessed remotely for better monitoring and operations 
  • You can change filters without a professional help 


  • Carbon blocks are absent, which usually removes the volatile organic compounds from the water


In the above article, we have described six different purifiers, mainly known for their low maintenance cost. However, your task is to select the best one from the list we have presented so that the purifier can meet all your requirements with ease.

As per our judgment, the AO Smith Z8 is the best water purifier for water recovery technology which will prevent water wastage. In addition, it will dispense water at two different temperatures. Secondly, we recommend the Aquaguard Smart Plus, which comes with an auto-off mechanism and AMC support from the manufacturer itself.


The average maintenance cost of a water purifier will be around INR 2000 to INR 3000. However, the total bill amount can increase beyond this limit if the appliance needs a repair or part replacement. 

It would be best to serve the water purifier at least once or twice a year. And if you are living in an area where the incoming water has high iron or metallic content, you must call for maintenance at least thrice a year. 

5 to 7 years is the average lifetime of a water purifier. However, longevity can be increased with proper usage and timely maintenance. 

Always keep the water purifier off when it is not functioning. Also, you have to ensure that you do not connect the purifier’s incoming supply line directly with the municipality water.

RO water purifier maintenance is less costly, so that you can save a lot of money with ease.

Yes, the RO water purifiers require annual maintenance just like any other water purifier will.

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  1. You have mentioned that AMC is Rs.2000/3000 but just to let you know the AMC package from Aquaguard is Rs.6000/Year with one set of filter replacement/year for 2022.

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