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Best Water Softener In India 2023

Best Water Softener In India 2023

Top 2 Best Water Softener For Bathroom In India

1. Kent Bathroom Water Softener

Best Water Softener In India 2023 1

The Kent bathroom water softener is ideal for individual bathrooms and is even the best one for the multistory buildings where the supply of water is through many heads. Frankly, it is recommended to get this installed on the inlet line of the geyser.

Pros And Cons

Ion-Exchange Softening Technology
Automatic Regeneration process
Compact and Space-Saving Design
The warranty period is very less.

2. AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter for Bathroom

Best Water Softener In India 2023 2

The AquaKing Hard Water shower filter would enrich your baths with Vitamin C and minerals that your home bathroom and kitchen faucets would require, thereby reducing the hair-fall, securing your skin, and removing odor.

The shower filter has activated carbon ceramic balls that remove the suspended particles and lowers the hardness, chlorine, and even heavy metals like mercury, lead, chromium, nickel, rust, salt, and even avoids bacteria.

Pros And Cons

Activated carbon-ceramic balls can remove the suspended particles, thereby reducing the effects of the hardness.
Contains the most effective universal multi-stage shower filter purifier system
The showerhead adaptor can reduce fluoride, dandruff, itchy skin, and dull hair.
The water softener is not created for reducing the TDS of the water.

Top 8 Best Water Softener For Washing Machine India 2023

1. Waterscience Iris Wmf-617 Washing Machine Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 3

The IRIS WMF 617 filter contains various layers of filter supported with the best in the class-antiscalants and dual sediment filter layer. It would also make sure that the suspended impurities are filtered out, and the hardness of the salts is conditioned just before they reach the machine.

Pros And Cons

Protects your washing machine
Improves the water quality
Makes fabric feel softer and fresher
The average filter life would range from 6 months to 9 months.

2. Eco Crystal Fresh N Water Softener for Washing Machine

Best Water Softener In India 2023 4

Considered as the world’s number one environmentally friendly physical water softening device, this is a patented technology. It is also recommended for all branded washing machines or dishwashers, or taps, geysers, Etc.

Pros And Cons

Reduces the traces of the detergent present on the washed clothes.
Does not lead to allergic conditions from the detergents.
Avoids the scale formation of the pipes and other places.
The softener is expensive.

3. Waterscience Plastic Iris Wmf-617 Washing Machine Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 5

This washing machine filter contains various multi-layer filters. Also, it comes with the best-in-the-class antiscalants and dual sediment filter layers. Plus, it would make sure that the suspended impurities are filtered out. The hardness of the salt is conditioned just before they reach your washing machine.

Pros And Cons

Secures your washing machine
Makes your washing quality better
Makes the fabric softer and fresher
An average filter life would range from six months to ten months.

4. KENT – 11063 Washing Machine Water Softener

Best Water Softener In India 2023 6

Are you tired of the dull and lifeless clothes? You can easily enhance the luster and whiteness of the clothes using the advanced Kent Washing Machine.

This appliance can convert the hard water into soft water and even create more lather without the extra detergents.

Pros And Cons

Consumes fewer detergents
Consumes less water
Enhances the luster and whiteness of your clothes.
The cartridge won’t last as long as it is claimed.

5.ECO CRYSTAL Merit Nylon Water Softener for Washing Machine

Best Water Softener In India 2023 7

It is the best water softener and looks more like the pre-filters used for purifying the water. The best part is that they use the same kind of filter, but they are more advanced and more powerful.

They have a unique ability for softening the hard water and are designed for the tap and showerheads.

Pros And Cons

You can use the water softener on all water-based appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, geysers, water purifiers, Etc.
The replacement filter is very much cheap.
The water softener is very easy to install.
The installation, along with the shower and tap, needs extra accessories and even the plumber’s assistance.

6. PURIFIT Washing Machine Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 8

This washing machine filter secures you from harmful chemicals. The filter would secure your washing machine from lime scales caused due to the hard water and other major impurities through the high-grade polyphosphate crystals.

Pros And Cons

A filter for your washing machine.
The installation is very simple and can be fitted on almost all washing machine models.
The filter has unique filtration properties.
The life of the filter is based on the quality and consumption of the water.

7. Watamate Softo S4, Hard Water Softener for Washing Machine

Best Water Softener In India 2023 9

There is a chance to spoil the precious clothes due to the dirty water present in the washing machine. You can avoid the spoilage of good clothes with the Watamate Softo filter.

It can effectively remove the microparticles like dust, salt, and rust present on the water tap due to the multi layer sieve for yielding soft and clean water.

Pros And Cons

Larger filtration capacity.
Ultrafiltration RO balls.
Easy to fit
There are no ways to find out if the filters require to be replaced.

8) RIVERSOFT WF-05 washing machine filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 10

Like most of the washing machine filters, the Riversoft WF-05 has SILIPHOS to avoid scale and prevent corrosion. Now the hard water would lead to the crystallization of the carbonates or the calcium and magnesium sulfates on the surface.

Pros And Cons

Purifies water and secures your washing machine from limescale deposits.
Leads to the extended life of the clothes.
Easy to install (self-installation) and long life.
It won’t fit on all the taps.

Top 8 Best Water Softener For Shower And Tap In India 2023

1. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 11

The RiverSoft SF-15 Pro shower filters would make your water clean and free from various harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals and impurities like chlorine and hard water salts like calcium and fluorides would make the skin dry.

Pros And Cons

Reduces the hair fall and improves hair quality.
Prevents skin dryness.
Removes bad odor.
It won’t fit on all the taps.

2. WaterScience Cleo SFM-419 Shower Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 12

The CLEO bathroom water softener filter fits perfectly on the tap and shower. It contains a four-layer filtering system, and the water softener would be the perfect one for filtering out the physical impurities, sediments, Etc.

Pros And Cons

Easy to install
Four-layer filtering system to purify the water
No skin or hair related issues afterward.
The cartridge may not last for as long as claimed.

3. WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 13

The water CLEO SFU is specially designed for reducing chlorine. Plus, it helps at removing the effects of hard water salts. Also, the water filter converts the harmful contaminants to harmless forms.

Pros And Cons

Reduces the hair fall
Protects the skin
Prevents all kinds of limescale
The filter is not created for reducing the TDS.

4. RIVERSOFT Combo Pack SF-15 PRO shower filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 14

The Riversoft shower filter would make your water clean and even free from harmful chemicals. The water would contain many harmful chemicals and impurities like chloramines, chlorine, hard salts, heavy metals, Etc.

Pros And Cons

Prevents bacteria
Prevents the dryness of the skin
Removes the bad odor.
It won’t reduce the TDS content of the water.

5. PURIFIT ABS Nemora 10 Stage Advanced Shower and Tap Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 15

The layers present in the filters would react with the hard-water and chlorine-like magnesium and calcium salts. You would transform this into a harmless substance. The chlorine would be converted into chloride through the kinetic degradation fluxion (kdf), and hard water salts would react with the poly-phosphate.

Pros And Cons

Prevents hair fall and chlorine
Removes 99% of chlorine from water
Ultrafilter reduces the effect of hardness on the skin
The filter life is comparatively low.

6. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO ABS tap filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 16

Riversoft SF-1pro shower filters would make the water clean and free from harmful chemicals. Most shower water would contain huge numbers of harmful chemicals and impurities like hard salt, chlorine, heavy metals, Etc.

Pros And Cons

The water filter is compatible with most of the tap and showerhead models.
Ideal for chlorinated water and those water that contains visible impurities.
Replacement filters are easily available.
The water filter won’t fit on all taps.

7. Auur Fuze Shower and Tap Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 17

This shower filter contains the KDF-55 granules that are quite effective for removing and reducing chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, Etc. It is effective with hot or cold water.

Pros And Cons

The shower filter is suitable for the various standard shower, including a fixed shower head, Etc.
Calcium sulfite ceramic ball and granular activated carbon ensure that the filtration works better.
High-performance water filter at an economical price.
Each cartridge will last for 4 to 6 months.

8. ALTON Brass 6 Inch Shower Filter

Best Water Softener In India 2023 18

The Alton Brass purifies shower water, and the filter is great for hard water and removes all kinds of chlorine fluoride and chlorine.

Pros And Cons

Clarified water would activate the cells of your body.
The model removes unpleasant odor and impurities.
The water filter can remove most of the magnesium, calcium, Etc.
The water filter is highly-priced.

Top 5 Best Water Softener For Whole House India 2023

1) D’Cal Plastic Hard Water Softener for Complete House

Best Water Softener In India 2023 19

This water filter is one of the best hard water conditioners that avoids accumulating calcium formation from the hard water. The life of the appliances can be increased using these hard water softeners.

Pros And Cons

The water softener is simple and safe to use
There is no wastage of water.
There is no maintenance needed.
The water filter won’t feature a replaceable cartridge or filter.

2) 3M Home Water Filtration IAS141T – Whole House

Best Water Softener In India 2023 20

The hard water would cause damage to your skin, hair, and even costly appliances. The 3M scale prevention system would treat your water for hardness and even sediments and avoid the irremovable scale deposits present on the taps, fixtures, and faucets.

Pros And Cons

Uses the latest depth filtration tech for treating your water for sediments.
Avoids all kinds of sediment built up for your expensive fixtures and appliances.
Suitable for individual flats and villas.
The water softener won’t last as promised.

3) 3M Fully Automatic Water Softener and Filtration System

Best Water Softener In India 2023 21

The 3M fully automatic water system would prevent scaling of the hard water stains on your taps. The system would even secure your washing machine, geyser, dishwasher, Etc.

Pros And Cons

The water softener is the world’s best automatic multi port programmable control valve.
Best-in-class and fully automatic water softener.
The designer series water softener that can be reinstalled at any house you move in.
There are no ways to find out if the filter has to be replaced or not in this water softener.

4) 3M AP420 Large Scale Prevention System

Best Water Softener In India 2023 22

The 3M APA420 is one of the best water softeners that provide you soft water for the whole house. You can install the primary water inlet to your villas or the apartment for centralized soft water for the whole house.

Pros And Cons

A large-scale prevention water softener removes all the effects of the hardness of water with silphos technology.
2-in-1 action of the filtration and scale prevention for the whole house and appliances.
This water softener Keeps the appliance working efficiently for a longer time.
Suitable only for individual flats and villas.

5) BALSON Plastic Junior Whole PRO House Water Filtration System

Best Water Softener In India 2023 23

Balson plastic junior is one of the whole house water filtration systems that provide good filtration for raw bore well water. You can easily attach this directly from the overhead tank of your water connection.

Pros And Cons

The filters remove all the impurities from the raw bore well water.
Removes the silt, sand, dust and sand, and other major particles present in the water.
Uses the ASI technology for preventing the hard water from scaling on the plumbing, fixtures, and water of the home appliances.
You can remove the heavy metals and chlorine from the water.

Water Softener Buying Guide:

What Is Hard Water?

Best Water Softener In India 2023 24

A simple and easy definition of hard water or water hardness is the dissolved magnesium and calcium present in the water. Now the hard water would be highly rich in calcium, magnesium, and other dissolved minerals. You would have felt the effects of the hard water when you have washed your hands last time.

Based on the water’s hardness, sometimes after using the soap, you would feel a certain film of residue left on your hands. That is due to the hard water.

Problems Of Hard Water

Best Water Softener In India 2023 25
Credits: newatersofteners
  • Fading Of Laundry: Various minerals like calcium and iron are commonly found in hard water, and they would react with the chemicals present in the detergent. It would compromise the effectiveness, and even the colours of the cloth would reduce prematurely.
  • Spotty Dishes: Do you know that hard water can make your dishes look even dirty? Sometimes you would have noticed that the plates that come out of the dishwasher would look quite grody, and the water glasses would have streaks and specks on them.
  • Hard To Clean Tubs: Any of the sink or bathtubs regularly used would require regular cleaning to get rid of the regular soap scrums. However, hard water would leave then limescale deposits that are resistant to cleaning products.
  • Dull Hair: Hard water would leave the mineral deposits present in your hair. Also, it would reduce the natural shine and creates a scalp on your hair.
  • Plumbing Issues: If you have noticed some of the chalky deposits would be present in your faucets, there would be huge deposits of minerals all over your pipe.

What Is Water Softener And Why You Need It?

Best Water Softener In India 2023 26
Credits: Kent

Few of the water softeners would work great to treat the hard water, which is done by removing the responsible minerals. All this is done through the process of ion-exchange.

Here mineral ions would lead to hardness, and they would cause many damages, as we said earlier. All this is done because of the resin usage present in the system and the exchange from the potassium ions and sodium.

You might need the water softener for your home due to the following reasons –

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  • Saving Money: Soft water would lack mineral ions, which would lead to the buildup of your appliances and pipes. Ultimately Water softeners save you from the costly repair bills.
  • Cleaner Hair And Softer Skin: Soft water would be extremely beneficial for your hair and skin. Here, the mineral ions present in the hard water won’t be soluble with soaps, which would precipitate right in the form of soap scum. Water softeners play a vital role in protecting your hair and skin by dissolving hard water.
  • Brighter And Softer Clothes: A water softener can avoid the adverse effects of hard water on your clothes. It would make them soft for touching and even preserving the new, fresh feel. So water softeners help you to look good by their tremendous behaviour.
  • Cleaner Dishes: Sometimes you would be living in an area where there is hard water. So, you know the difficulties of how to keep your dishes clean. Irrespective of how many times you are going to clean them, the detergents or soap used would lead to a cloudy appearance as soon as it dries. Water softeners can reduce the work and frustration you will have while doing all these works.

Types Of Water Softeners

  • Ion Exchange Water Softener
Best Water Softener In India 2023 27
Credits: extensionpublications
  • Here these ion exchange or salt-based systems are the traditional kinds of water softeners that most people are accustomed to. These water softeners are commonly meant to supply soft water to the whole house and feature a high flow rate.
    The resin volume present would attract the magnesium and calcium from the water and replace them with the sodium ions through ion exchange.
    When the resin runs out of the positively charged sodium ions for the exchange of the water’s hard minerals, these water softeners can easily regenerate the resins through the usage of the salt. You would need a regular maintenance amount on your part as the regeneration would happen about once a week.
  • Salt-Free Water Softener: The salt-free water softener won’t need the same continual upkeep, just like the ion-exchange water softeners, as they won’t require regeneration or salt. Here these systems won’t remove the hard minerals from the water.
    Rather they would neutralize them for avoiding any of them sticking together and creating the buildup that can lead to hard water. Salt-free water softeners would be more expensive to start, but they would cost less in the long run as you won’t constantly be adding huge bags of salt and won’t be doing the weekly upkeep.
  • Magnetic And Electronic Water Softener: The magnetic water softeners are quite new to the market. These are commonly advertised as the best water softener alternatives as they won’t remove the hard water minerals. Like the salt-free water softeners, the magnetic water softener would easily neutralize the hard minerals and avoid bonding together, thereby making them wholly soluble.
  • Dual Tank Water Softeners: The dual-tank water softeners are the ion exchange models. They would contain two resin tanks, so one tank would always be available for use while the others are in the regeneration cycle. so dual tank water softener would make sure that the household can easily access the soft water any time of the day or night.

Benefits Of Water Softener

  • Scale Or Lime Scale Reduction: Limescale or scale is hard; the chalky layer that is formed from the magnesium or calcium bicarbonate. These would be deposited on the utensils, bathroom walls, kitchen sink, and faucets. Here the water softeners would lower the scale’s build and avoid the fading of anything that comes while in contact with the water.
  • Increasing The Lifespan Of Appliances: Hard water would affect your Tupperware more than your health. Due to the hard water, magnesium, and calcium, it would eventually accumulate right inside the various appliances like dispensers, water heater, and shower outlets.
    It would affect the performance of such appliances and lower the lifespan a lot. a water softener can help avoid the accumulation of such minerals and avoid clogging, which increases the lifespan.
  • Unclogged Plumbing: The most irritating issue that we can face is clogged pipelines. Hard water is one of the major contributors to this, which would drastically reduce the pipes’ flow rate. Keep in mind that hard water is poison for metal pipelines as they can attract huge deposits and get clogged more frequently.
  • Better Skin Care: When you are bathing in hard water, it will affect your skin. The hard water would lead to traces of magnesium and calcium, leading to dryness, rashes, and frizzier kind of skin. Now the soft water produced by the water softener would be soft on your skin and help at keeping the moisture within. Also, it won’t cause any kind of irritation and itches and even reduce the tanning factors.
  • Better Flavor Of Water: The hard water is easily noticeable from the taste. Here this would taste salty, sour taste along with a certain aspect of smell. The water softeners can replace the salts with odourless and tasteless sodium through the ion exchange process.
  • Cleaner And Better Fabric: Of course, hard water takes a huge toll on your clothes. When you are washing your clothes using hard water, it will lead to stains on them. The water softener helps you to easily lather and even contribute to the absorption of the dirt particles.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Water Softener

  • Type: Before choosing the water softener or water treatment system, you need to find out what kind of water problem you are having and what kind of water softeners can easily help at solving the issues.
    Nowadays, it would be great to have a water treatment professional to analyze the water conditions. Such analysis and input would help the customers to know what would be the correct water softener to be installed.
  • Finding Out The Hardness Of Water: Your water should have proper treatment for preventing all kinds of ill effects on your health. You would require good water filtration added to your water softener system. When you purchase a water softener that contains this one, it will save your money and function better.
  • Size: Another major aspect you should consider while purchasing a water softener would be the size of the water softener. The water softeners are available in various sizes. Each of them is rated as per its ability to remove the hardness of the water.
    Now you must select the water softener’s size based on the daily usage of the water present at your home. Here you would even need to consider the level of the water hardness present in the supply.
  • Features: Besides the other necessary details, you must check out the advanced features and controls that water softeners would bring out, like advanced time control and the main display option.
    Most importantly, you need to check out if the water softener comes with the keypad configuration. It is where you are adding the basic information right at the time of the installation of a water softener. So, it would work even under the locked keys.
  • Budget: Before you purchase the water softener, you would have to work out the best balance among how you are prepared to spend on your system. And even you need to take into account how long you want a water softener to last.
    Many of the systems would seem to be like a bargain, but these water softeners won’t last for a long time, and you can end up spending the money on replacement parts.
  • Time Controls: The clocks or timers present on the water softeners are automatically regenerating the water softness right on the pre-set time and day. Here the automatic regeneration procedure would make it easy for you to select when a water softener isn‘t in use, so your daily chores won’t get interrupted.
  • Installation, Shipping, And Warranty: Based on your needs, you can install the whole house or the point of water softener use. You can install the whole-house water softener along with the overhead, while the point-of-use would be installed along with the geyser or washing machine.
    Additionally, you have to make sure that you select a good water softener with the best warranty. And on the other hand, there are water softeners present out there that would provide you with ten years warranty, and some of them would provide only 12 months.


Well, now you are confident regarding the best water softener to use. So, ahead and try one of the water softeners that suits your requirements.

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