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3 Best Smart(WiFi Or IOT Enabled) Water Heaters(Geyser) In India 2023

3 Best Smart(WiFi Or IOT Enabled) Water Heaters(Geyser) In India 2023 1

There is nothing better than a hot water bath right at the end of the day. It gets rid of your body aches, stress, and rejuvenates you for the day. Most importantly, it makes you get up during the chilly mornings. All over the world, hot baths are very beneficial and help in various ailments too. Plus, it helps in keeping your metabolism boosted. Of course, during harsh winters, it becomes difficult to visit the bathroom without a geyser. 

Electric geysers and even the ones running on Wi-Fi provide a huge amount of comfort in your life. You won’t have to get up early in the morning and heat water on the stove or even the induction. Just head straight to your bathroom, and the hot bath would be ready in a matter of minutes. 

Top 3 Best Smart(WiFi Or IOT Enabled) Water Heaters In India 2023

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1. V Guard Smart IOT Enabled 15 Litre White Water Heater

3 Best Smart(WiFi Or IOT Enabled) Water Heaters(Geyser) In India 2023 2

The V Guard Smart water heater is an IOT enabled water heater. You can remotely control it from anywhere. Plus, you can alert the customer service with a single click of a button.

Also, the V Guard Smart IOT water heater will provide you a notification when the water reaches the set temperature. It will even send the energy consumption notification to users. 

The smart global sync helps you to connect your smartphone with the V Guard Smart water heater. So, you end up controlling and changing the modes, monitoring the energy consumptions, setting schedules from anywhere.

Also, it has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that helps you to access the water heater using the specialized app right on your smartphone with a Wi-Fi network.


Wi-Fi Connect

You can access the intelligent water heater using the V-Guard Smart app right from your smartphone, from any Wi-Fi network. Here, as soon as the V-Guard Smart app comes into contact with the Wi-Fi network, it allows you to take control of the appliance remotely.

Intelligent Shower Scheduler

You can schedule the water heater to automatically get switched on and off right at the required temperature each day. All this is possible with the V-Guard app. Besides, the V-Guard Verano water heater has various scheduling options. So, once the temperature and time are set, the advanced water heater will operate automatically.

Smart Global Sync

Controlling your water heater’s activities and getting in touch with it has become simplified using the Verano smart water heaters. With the app that is synchronized with your phone, you can easily control and change the modes. Plus, you can schedule and monitor the energy consumption right from anywhere and anytime.

Digital Temperature Control

Just before you get into the bath, you can easily know how cold or warm the water is. This is possible due to the presence of a smart digital LED display. This saves a lot of energy, but it makes sure that you are bathing comfortably.

Auto Cut Off

The V-Guard water heater is embedded with an electronic controller. This will sense the water’s temperature and cut off the power supply as soon as the water reaches or goes beyond the required settings. As soon as the water temperature drops low, it will restart the system.

Infra-Red Remote

With the infra-red remote, you can switch off or on the water heater and set it to the desired temperature. 


The V-Guard water heater is made from polymer anti-corrosion and revolutionary EPAC tech. The rust-resistant polymer placed on the inner tank’s lining makes sure that the water heater has a long life.

Self Diagnosis

Unlike other water heaters, Verano can diagnose itself. If it runs into an issue, it will inform you of the V-Guard Smart app. It will also generate an automated message regarding the issue and help you get in contact with the service center.

Smart Alert

With this water heater, you won’t have to worry about energy costs. This advanced water heater will monitor your heated water continuously and will provide automated alerts as soon as the temperature reaches the required settings. 

Pros And Cons

It has a stylish and simple look.
It is available at a reasonable price.
The connecting pipes present with this water heater are strong, good, and durable.
In winter, the setting should be placed at the highest point. Also, it will take at least 25-30 minutes to heat 15 liters of water fully.

2. Racold Omnis Wi-Fi 25 Litres Vertical 5 Star Water Heater

3 Best Smart(WiFi Or IOT Enabled) Water Heaters(Geyser) In India 2023 3

The Racold Omnis is a smart electric water heater. With this geyser, you can take control of your hot showers. The Omnis Wi-Fi allows you to personalize your baths and even helps in saving your energy consumption.

The combination of high-tech features like Wi-Fi Connect, Smart Bath Logic, and Eco-Function makes this a great water heater to use. 

Using the Net App, you can easily control the Omnis Wi-Fi, set the temperature, and easily schedule the baths.

The best part is that you can control your shower and feel reborn every day. The water heater has an advanced microprocessor-based Auto Diagnosis. This makes sure that the water heater is safe for your family.

Key Features

WiFi Connect

The Omnis Wi-Fi allows you to control your water heating needs from anywhere and anytime. The Wi-Fi connection feature helps you to get heated water as soon as you enter your bathroom.

India’s First Smart Control Technology

The Smart Control technology is nothing but the combination of high-tech features like Smart Bath Logic, Silver ion technology, Auto Diagnosis, Titanium Plus Technology, Eco Function, etc. This helps in providing a personalized hot shower and leads to huge energy savings.

Good Design Award

The Racod Omnis Wi-Fi has won the good design award for various years. 

Smart Bath Logic

The Omnis Wi-Fi will save about 30% of the electricity charges of yours. The intelligent functions will help you to customize the bathing experience of yours. 

Auto Diagnosis

The advanced microprocessor present in the Racod Omnis will ensure that all the parameters are in check. This will secure you from all kinds of dangers like electric shocks and. It has an auto-off function if the water heater malfunctions. 

Eco Function


The water heater has a self-learning function. This will often optimize the water temperature by understanding the usage pattern.


The Racold Omnis Wi-Fi water heater is completely safe for your family. It protects your family against high pressure and temperature. 

Titanium Plus Technology

The water heater follows the titanium plus technology. This provides high durability and superior withstanding capacity. The specially designed titanium steel tank and the titanium enamel coating and titanium heating element are not present in any other water heater. 

Pros And Cons

It is extremely super compact.
You get instant hot water all the time. All you have to do is wait for 3-5 seconds to get hot water. So, once it begins, you can easily shower for 30-40 minutes.
The water heater is easy to install just by yourself. All you have to know is the basis of electrical engineering and plumbing.
You must avoid using other heavy powered equipment while using the Racold Omnis Wi-Fi heater.

3. Venus Lyra Nexus 15RW 15-Litre (Ivory/WineRed), WiFi

3 Best Smart(WiFi Or IOT Enabled) Water Heaters(Geyser) In India 2023 4

This is the best water heater having smart innovation. You get the advanced water heater that provides you warm water within a click of your smartphone. 

You end up enjoying the convenience of technology like Wi-Fi and IoT in Venus. The Smart Cloud helps you take control of your water heater, right from anywhere in the world.

It has a convenient trio of Smart schedulers, schedule on, and smart modes for energy savings. So, you get hot water without any waiting, and the smart indicators will show you the details of the required warmth. 


Wi-Fi Connect

You can easily set and schedule right at your convenience. This IoT empowered water heater that is operational using three smart modes like smartest, smarter, and smart, thereby providing energy saving.

Venus Smart Cloud App

You can easily control your water heater from anywhere and anytime.

Extra-Thick (Puf) Insulation

Here this feature allows you to know the heating status from the app alerts. 

Time To Heat

You get the time indicated for reaching the set temperature with this water heater. 

Smart Mode (S, S+, and S++)

There are three energy-saving smart shower modes present in this water heater. 

Energy Data Analytics

You can easily monitor the power consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Single Click Customer Support

If you have any complaints, you can easily register them. All you need is a single click.

Pros And Cons

They are the best and energy-efficient alternatives. 
The inner tank is protected from rust and corrosion. The water heater uses dry powder porcelain enameling.
The multi-function smart digital display is aesthetically appealing. It even contains a huge number of functionalities and controls. 
A bit over-priced

Buyers Guide On Choosing Best Smart Geyser Or Water Heater In India

What Is Smart Water Heaters?

All water heaters do have the ability to monitor the water temperature present in the tank. Here the major thing that separates the smart water heater and the conventional one is the ability to further making use of the data.

Conventional water heaters are equipped with a thermostat that would keep the water temperature at the set level. This device can turn the heater on, and when the water becomes cold, it will turn off as soon as the water reaches the predefined temperature. 

But the smart water heater is different. They can do a lot more than that. This allows them to provide you with the required hot water as and when you need it and remains off when you don’t want it.

Benefits Of Smart Water Heaters

● Provides Control Over Water Heating System

The best part is that you can turn the heater on and off automatically. You can also set them for preparing the water for a hot bath every day, and if you are stuck in traffic, you can easily inform them to postpone. 

● Brings Good Amount 

Their sensors would be on all the time and even when you are not at home. They can even warn you about things that seem off. The water heater controller can be programmed for reporting any irregularities like uncontrolled power consumption and leaks. 

● Allows Your Smart Heater To Do The Thinking

They are the smartest of the kind and can learn and understand the hot water usage patterns. As soon as they are aware that you need hot water, they would turn on and off on their own and make you satisfied. 

● Be Environmentally Friendly

Estimates show that around 15% of all the average household’s power is consumed for heating water. Well, this is largely due to the way the conventional heater operates. 

When they turn on and off constantly, they keep the water hot, but they would keep the electricity burn or other vain resources. Now making your water heater smarter would remove this unnecessary energy spending.

● Gain Control Over Your Heating Bills

How much energy you save, the same amount of money also you save. Even the smartest water heaters are more expensive compared to conventional ones. Still, the savings you are going to make would be a substantial one. Like most of the technology, this would be getting affordable each day. Selecting the correct and smart controller for your heater would pay for itself in one year.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Wi-Fi Geyser

Some of the things you would have to consider while choosing any geyser are – 

Think About Capacity

Before you begin to scour the market, you must think about the water heater’s capacity and that too based on your hot water requirements. So, if you are living in an extended family or a nuclear, the capacity of the hot water required for a day-to-day basis has to be kept in mind. For kitchen needs, a small capacity geyser would be enough. But when it comes to the bathroom, you would need a huge one. 

Also, you must keep in mind the climatic condition while selecting the water heater. Living in an extremely cold climate area will require you to go with a huge capacity with a water heater. 

Consumption Of Energy

As per the Energy Star program, the BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency) rates water heaters on a scale of 1-5. Here the more number of stars, the more can be the energy efficiency of the water heater.  

When you are opting for a good water heater, never consider wattage for evaluating energy consumption. Rather, you must always consider the amount of hot water used and the standing losses that occur right at the sides, bottom, and top. Plus, you take into account how much time the water heater will take for raising the water temperature and that too by certain degrees.

For any water heater to be quite energy-efficient, the heating element’s heat needs to remain inside the tank and that too for a longer period. The poor insulation among the tank and the water heater’s outer body leads to higher energy consumption. 

Take Into Account The Tank And Heating Element

One of the major aspects you would have to look at with an electric water heater is that the tank comes into direct contact with the water. You might be having hard water in your home; in that case, the water heater tank will be more prone to scaling and corrosion. 

Now hard water is filled with different mineral content like magnesium and calcium. This will lead to the corroding of the inner tank faster. Now one must check out the quality of the tank when purchasing the water heater. Always make sure that it is anti-corrosive material. Here it is equally necessary to make sure that the water heater’s heating element is resistant to corrosion.

Safety Features

Of course, prevention is much better than cure. We might not hear about the accidents that are caused by the water heater; one still should not forget about checking the safety features like a vacuum release valve, pressure release valve, and thermal protection. 

After Sales Services And Warranty

Always go with a reputed brand. It will lead to having peace of mind in terms of installation, after-sales services, and warranty. After that, you won’t need to spend year after year on repairs and maintenance. 


Now, whenever you are looking for a water heater that is especially run by using Wi-Fi, you might have to check out two things. One is the cost and the brand. Unless you are satisfied with both these aspects, don’t go ahead and make the purchase.

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