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Blue Star Water Purifier Review

Are you worried about the water quality coming to your house? 

Can’t you decide which Blue Star water purifier you should buy? 

If that’s a yes, a much-needed discussion is impending then!

In today’s time, the need to have a water purifier has escalated a lot. As the water coming from the local reservoir consists of several impurities and microbes, having a purifier will help you maintain the water quality and health. 

Out of several companies manufacturing the purifiers, Blue Star has gained popularity in recent times. With the company being of Indian origin, their products are more trustworthy than the others.

This is why we will introduce you to the seven most popular and preferred Blue Star water purifiers, along with their variants here in this review

So, without wasting any time further, let’s delve deep into a review that will explain the popular water purifiers from none other than Blue Star- India’s leading purifier manufacturers. 

Benefits Of Blue Star Water Purifiers

Before you blindly trust the reviews and immediately order a Blue Star water purifier, don’t you think you should know the benefits of these appliances? 

Most times, you might not realize it, but with the benefits of a particular brand being known, you can have more clarity for making the right decision.

So, let’s have a look at how the Blue Star water purifiers are different from others.

  1. Multi-stage purification process: One of the major benefits of buying the Blue Star water purifiers is that every model type comes with multiple layers of purification.
    For example, in the Blue Star Majesto, you will have six distinct levels of purification, which ensure that the water you are getting at the output nozzle is free from all microbes and other chemical and physical impurities.
  2. Improved aesthetics: In earlier days, the water purifiers used to be bulky in size as most of them were made for commercial purposes only.
    Using them in the houses caused a lot of trouble, especially as they were space-consuming. Thanks to Blue Star, these water purifiers are now compact and sleeker. They won’t occupy a lot of space in your kitchen.
  3. Varied choices: Unlike other companies, Blue Star has made sure to offer different water purifiers with varied features. This way, the company has catered to everyone’s different water purifier requirements.
    Be it in terms of volume or filtration technology, and several variants are available for the major Blue Star models.
  4. Higher purification ability: Blue Star has gained the title of being the king of water purifiers because of the enhanced ability of the appliances to filter the water and purify it.
    No matter how small the unwanted ions are or how many different microbes are present, the water coming out of the appliance will be fresh, distilled, and completely safe.
  5. Enhanced water storage capacity: Most of the water purifier models from Blue Star have increased tank capacities so that one can store a huge amount of water at a time.
    This reduces the pressure on the operational parts of the appliance and provides you direct water without having to wait for it.
  6. Affordable water purifiers: Lastly, Blue Star has understood the main market problem, and hence, they have made sure to release their products at affordable rates. The company hasn’t compromised the purifier quality and yet, the prices and standard and competitive. 

Customer Complaints About Blue Star Water Purifiers

Even though the Blue Star water purifiers are excellent products and have gained fame in the market, certain customer feedback tells otherwise. Let’s see what the minus points or the customer complaints against the water purifiers from Blue Star are. 

  • Activated charcoal or carbon layers are not used in several purifier models, which is a minus point. 
  • If the iron content of the local water supply is very high, the filtration membranes get clogged easily. 
  • Water coming out from the purifier drips at a very slow speed which can become frustrating at times. 
  • Options for alarm signals aren’t available in all the products. 

Top 7 Best Blue Star Water Purifier Review 

Below, we have listed the reviews of the top seven water purifiers from none other than Blue Star. Apart from describing the product, we have also given you a glimpse of the different variants of a concerned product you have chosen. 

1. Blue Star Excella

Blue Star Water Purifier Review 1

With a sleek black design, the Blue Star Excella has grabbed a lot of attention since its launch in the market.

It’s quite compact, and hence, no problem will be there in making space for a new water purifier appliance.

It has a 6-liter storage tank to ensure you can get water any time you want. This is why it’s ideal for domestic use.

There is a column of LED indicators on the front surface that will help you use the water purifier efficiently. As the size of the appliance is small, you can easily mount it on the wall and connect it with the main water supply pipeline. 

The Blue Star Excella has two major variants: 

  • Blue Star Excella RO+UV: In this model, you will have dual filtration layers and six different water purification stages. 
  • Blue Star Excella RO+UV+UF: Here, you will have triple layers of filtration, UF or Ultra Filtration being the extra. Seven different purification stages have been incorporated into the model.

2. Blue Star Eleanor

Blue Star Water Purifier Review 2

The Eleanor water purifier is known for its higher water storage capacity and smooth operation. Here, you will get 8 liters of the water storage tank, which is enough for a two-member family or your personal use.

Even though the two filtration stages present in this model are RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultraviolet), there is a separate alkaline filter layer.

RO makes sure to block all the heavy metal ions and other types of physical and chemical impurities. The UV layer kills all the bacteria present in the water. 

Lastly, the alkaline layer adjusts the pH value of the water, making it potable for humans. Hence, with this water purifier, you will make the water tasty for your taste buds.

The activated carbon layer is present with copper in it, ensuring your health is never compromised once again. The best thing about this purifier is its unique structure, as you can either mount it on the wall or place it on the countertop. 

3. Blue Star Aristo

Blue Star Water Purifier Review 3

Another excellent product from Blue Star is the Aristo water purifier and filter. It comes in three different variants, and it is the use of filtration technology that has created the difference.

An activated carbon layer with copper impregnation is present in all three variants, which will add copper ions to the water.

Hence, it will improve your health further as copper is essential nutrients our body needs. Apart from this, Aqua Taste Booster technology is present in all three variants with child lock function. 

  • Aristo RO+UF: Here, you will have 2-layered filtration layers, Reverse Osmosis, and Ultra Filtration, with a 6-stage purification process. 
  • Aristo RO+UV: 2-layered filtration system is present consisting of Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet layers. This variant also has 6-stage purification technology. 
  • Aristo RO+UV+UF: For better purification ability, you will need this 3-stage filtration purifier consisting of Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, and Ultra Filtration layers. Also, the appliance has a 7-stage purification system. 

4. Blue Star Opulus

Blue Star Water Purifier Review 4

The Blue Star Opulus is one of the best water purifiers you can find in the market. With a shiny black luster, the body is made from tough quality polymer, which has insulated all the parts inside.

You will have a triple indication display on the front face, consisting of filter change alarm, purification completion alarm, and tank fullness warning alarm. 

Unfortunately, though, this particular purifier type has only one variant having the filtration layout of RO+UF+UV along with the mineral layer.

The primary three layers will ensure that the water coming out is free of heavy elements and microbes. The last mineral layer will ensure the important minerals are not filtered out from the water. Here, you will have an 8-liter storage tank for storing the purified water. 

5. Blue Star Majesto

Blue Star Water Purifier Review 5

From the name itself, you can understand this particular water purifier model is the epitome of magnificence and quality.

Having an 8-liter water tank, you won’t have to worry about running out of purified water. Even though the purifier is quite an incredible creation, the one flaw present in the design is the lack of automatic LED indicators at the front.

Hence, understanding whether the tank is full or not or if the purification is complete or not is very difficult. 

The two filtration layers present in the appliance are Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet. Hence, the water will not have any heavy poisonous metal elements or harmful bacteria and protozoa.

With a 6-stage purification system, you can finally have some relief from drinking the plane, tasteless and pungent water coming through the regular supply. A taste enhancer system within the purifier ensures that the water’s taste is made better. 

6. Blue Star Genia

Blue Star Genia

Rather than keeping the body in black like the earlier ones, Blue Star decided to change. Hence the Genia model has two color options- midnight black and clear white.

There is an indicator circle with three LED lights for tank fullness, power, and purification levels on the front portion.

You can either mount it on the wall or keep it on the countertop at your convenience. Despite having three variants, the purifier has a 6-liter storage tank. 

  • RO+UF: reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technologies ensure no physical or chemical impurity can pass through the semi-permeable layers. 
  • RO+UV: Reverse osmosis removes both the chemical and physical impurities while UV technology kills the microbes like bacteria and protozoa. 
  • RO+UV+UF: Here, all the three major water filtration technologies are present, which will enhance the purification power of the appliance. 

7. Blue Star Stella

Blue Star Water Purifier Review 6

Blue Star Stella is the best hot and cold water purifier and this is one of the largest water purifiers from Blue Star, and hence, you won’t have to purifier the water frequently in a day.

The tank capacity is about 8.2 liters roughly, allowing you to store the water for a longer time. Apart from this, here, you will have dual water dispensers- one for hot water and the other for cold.

That’s why it has become so popular in the market since its launch. The double-layered filtration system is present, consisting of RO and UV membranes. 

The RO membrane will ensure so solid unwanted particles can cross over to the other side, thereby removing the chemical impurities.

On the other hand, the UV chamber will help in removing all the bacteria and other kinds of microbes. Both ways, Blue Star Stella, will ensure your health and safety.

Lastly, it has a 6-stage purification process, with activated carbon being the first stage. It’s highly affordable, and hence you won’t have any problem buying it.


We have discussed the major water purifiers from Blue Star that have gained high ratings in the market. Now, according to your requirement and suitability, you have to buy the best purifying appliance for your home and safeguard your health. 

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