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MI Smart Water Purifier Review

There was once a time when cholera ravaged the world. Contaminated water was found to be its source and was found to be the source of this disease.

It is because contaminated water is the breeding ground for the bacteria Vibrio cholera. Eventually, this disease was eradicated, but if it was one thing, humankind learned that even water could get polluted and contaminated, thus causing all sorts of diseases, not only cholera. 

It is in such a scenario that the water purifier became a huge necessity for each household. It became clear that despite water supplies being treated at government water plants or even if the water is from natural groundwater sources, the risk of it being contaminated continues to remain.

And even if the water may not have viruses and bacterias, it could contain toxic metals or excessive salt compounds harmful to the human body. The water purifier helps overcome this by thoroughly filtering the water and converting it into safe, consumable water. 

But it is undeniable that water purifiers are a cash grab scheme by corporations; the filters require frequent replacement, frequent technical malfunctioning, and the need to call repair people frequently, thus paying high service charges.

Well, thankfully, with the MI Smart Water Purifier, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. State-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials guarantee you a very durable water purifier.

Plus, it incorporates the latest do-it-yourself filter replacement style that allows customers to replace the filter on their own very easily, so no need to call the serviceman every time that you need to replace the filter. 

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How It works

So how exactly does this magnificent machine work? Now that is where things get interesting. The MI Smart Purifier uses the advanced Penta purification process, which incorporates three filters to conduct a 5 stage purification process every 4 hours.

The MI Smart Purifier uses three types of filters: the PPC (Polypropylene Cotton + Activated Carbon), the RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter, and the PAC (Post Activated Carbon) Filter.

Plus, the final stage is a UV sterilization filter, which is built in-tank. After undergoing the five stages of purification, the water comes out 99.99% bacteria-free.

The filters have a precision of 0.0001 microns; this helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, metals, and other organic matter with greater efficiency and precision.

Key Features

The key features of the MI Smart Purifier include:

5-stage purification 

The Penta purification process is an advanced purification technology that helps to purify water with three filters and provide pure, safe, drinkable water.

DIY filter change

No more will you need to call a service member to change the filter of your water purifier. The MI Smart purifier has made filter replacement a very easy process; hence you can save big. 

Real-time display of TDS level 

Just get started by downloading the MI Home App; you can easily check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels in your water. Hence, more transparency.

Monitor and control the water purifier in real-time

With the super-easy Mi Home App, you can control the water purifier and even monitor its operational level.

In-Tank UV purification

Apart from the three filters, the MI Smart Water Purifier has an in-tank UV purification unit that sterilizes water with 99.99% efficiency. 

Smart Storage tank

The MI Smart Water Purifier has a smart storage tank with 7 liters and an automatic water level detector. Hence, once the water level drops below a particular threshold or reaches a particular limit, the Mi Smart Purifier can turn itself on and off automatically.

Mi Water Purifier Design 

The Mi Smart Water Purifier adopts a minimalistic design, making it apt for any wall background and kitchen design. It has an alluring look, and its app integration capability only makes us suspect that perhaps the future is now! The Mi Smart Purifier comes in only one color: white.

Water purification stages

The Mi Smart Water Purifier adopts a 5 stage or Penta purification process:

Stage 1 & 2:

PPC Filter ( It includes Polypropylene Cotton along with the Activated Carbon)

First, it identifies and absorbs large particles, chlorine, color, odor, organic matter, and other harmful substances present in the water.

Stage 3: RO Filter (Reverse Osmosis Filter)

Next, it filters out heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, organic matter, and other impurities with greater precision.

Stage 4: PAC Filter ( It comes with Post Activated Carbon Filter)

It absorbs odor and organic substances found in the water, even after undergoing three stages of purification, and enhances the taste and smell of water.

Stage 5: In-Tank UV Sterilization

Finally, it kills bacteria with 99.99% efficiency and sterilizes the water every 4 hours. Better safe than sorry!

India’s First and Best Smart Water Purifier With DIY Filter Replacement 

The Mi Smart Water Purifier is the first in India to adopt DIY filter replacement. While other manufacturers make money through service members frequently coming over to change your water filter and using complicated tools, Mi leaps forward by simplifying the filter replacement process. 

Number 1: You do not need to invest in any fancy tools to change the filters.

Number 2: You can easily change the filter on your own, and all it takes is 30 seconds!


Advanced purification technology and Smart technology
Easy to replace the filter
User friendly
More transparency (TDS levels)
Better tasting and smelling water
Water is pure and devoid of harmful substances.
The minimalistic design and better build


The white color of the water purifier is prone to getting smudge marks that may stand out. So it is recommended that one uses non-corrosive cleaning liquid to clean the exterior of the water purifier.

Pure drinking water is not a choice anymore; it is much needed. The MI Smart water purifier is one of the best solutions to get 24X7 pure drinking water. 


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The MI Smart Water Purifier is a one-time investment bound to generate amazing benefits for you in the long run. So if you plan to purchase a water purifier, then choose the MI Smart Water Purifier!

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