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Water Heater Vs Immersion Heater

What Is A Water Heater?

Frankly, the water heater does what exactly its name implies. It is a mechanism that heats the water. You can use the heated water you get from the heater to wash your hands, shower, clean and cook.

Here the water heater would take the cold water from the water supply chain. Then it will warm that up. After that, it would pump it throughout the home whenever you are opening the tap or starting to wash your clothes. No doubt, water heaters are used for warming water that would be potable.

The working of the water heater is simple. The tank would take the cold incoming water, which would indirectly get warm due to the electric heating rods or gas burners present inside the tank.

Based on how much you can turn the hot water handle, the water heater would send the hot water mixed with the cold water, linking to your shower or sink. Here it would do this through the pipes’ pressures as the shower or sink would get turned on. 

It would then send the cold water to the water heater, which would move the warmed water right into the pipes and the faucet. Now the standard or tankless water heater would heat water instantly rather than storing it in the tank. As soon as you turn on the water and even set the required temperature, the tankless water heater would heat the water going to the sink or shower for as long as the water is running.

Benefits Of Water Heater

● Water heaters are available in a wide range of sizes along with the best tank options that would range from twenty to eighty gallons.

● These are quite inexpensive to purchase and even install.

● They have an average energy factor (EF), which rates at 0.67.

What is Immersion Rod Heater?

The immersion rods are one of the most affordable electrical heating solutions. These devices are not only easily accessible, but they consume less power.

Now, if you have a geyser, the presence of the immersion rod would prove to be highly beneficial for your home. The immersion rod would also be available in various sizes, designs, and shapes. Also, they add a touch of elegance to homes.

Benefits Of Immersion Rod Heater

● Convenience

The major benefit of the best immersion rod heater in India is that it is convenient. Not only is it small, but it can store it anywhere. When not needs as opposed to the storage tank and even the tankless heater, that would need fixed installation and space.

Whether you are heating a small bucket of water or even a large jug, you would have to place the immersion rod onto the water and then plug it on. So, once the water temperature has reached the required level, you would need to turn off the immersion rod, and you can use the water. 

● Portable

Another major benefit of immersion rods is that they are very much portable. Most of the designs would be coming at sizes like 340340 * 75 * 65 mm, and that would be sufficiently small for storing in any shelf, cupboard, and other similar places. 

Now when you are shifting your residence or traveling a lot, this would be the best addition for your household items. In this case, you would not be required to be concerned about assigning the space for the water heater. The best part is that it can be deposited anywhere and can be used anytime required. 

● Economical

The immersion rods are economical and even pocket-friendly. You won’t have to spend thousands of rupees to invest in this heater when compared to other options. Additionally, it uses only electricity for conducting heat and even uses a clean form of energy, thereby lowering the entire carbon footprint. 

Plus, you would be using the immersion water heater to heat the water as and when you need it. That means your electricity bill won’t be high, especially in the long run.

Water Heater Vs. Immersion Rod Heater

Features Immersion Rod Water Heater
Portable They are portable and helpful when you are moving your house. These aren’t portable.
Safety They are not safe. Especially not child safe, as there is a huge chance of getting an electric shock. These are quite safe.
Hot Water Quantity The quality is very limited. Here this is based on the model and can be up to 25 liters.
Convenience These are difficult. It would take some time to set up a bucket full of water and plug the rod. The geyser is easy to use, and all you need to do is switch it on.
Auto-Off System It is not available. It is available.


Frankly, the choice between the immersion water heater and a normal water heater is based on your requirement and the place where you live. 

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